How to work out her ring size.

Once you’ve decided to propose, planned how to do it and chosen an engagement ring, you’ll need to find out her ring size. This isn’t always easy, although most girls hoping for a proposal will find a way to make sure you know her size! But not all girls are proposal-hungry, and others aren’t so cheeky as to be so blatant about the matter. Which leaves it to you to work it out! Below are my tips on how to suss out her ring size:

(Side note – I first drafted this article three whole years ago when, in my first few weeks at Wedding Rings Direct, I was asked for advice on proposing by a lovely man. No-one but me knew what he was planning, so I ended up being his confidante and source of advice on everything from sizing to the minutiae of the proposal itself!)


If you’re lucky, she’ll have a ring that she wears on the ring finger of her right hand. If you’re even luckier, she’ll have a ring that she wears on the ring finger of her left hand! If the latter, steal it. It doesn’t matter how, just sneak it away for a day and take it to a jeweller to measure its size. If she misses it, hide it behind/under her jewellery box. You’ll get brownie points if you then ‘help’ her look for it! If the ring is from her right hand then you’ll probably need to get the engagement ring in one size smaller.


Enlist the help of one of her friends, or a sister. Even a workmate – girls talk about all sorts of things with their workmates – I know I do! Sometimes I think they know more about me than my other friends…but I digress. Ask your helper to sneakily find out her ring size through any means necessary. Trust is the key here – you must choose someone who will not give away your secret! You will probably need to pay them off with flowers/wine/promises that they will be asked to be a bridesmaid.


Measure her ring size when she is asleep. Risky. Best only attempted on girls who are very heavy sleepers. For this, you’ll need a measuring gauge – good thing we send these out for free, huh?


Ask her for her ring size. Then put your plans back by a year until she’s stopped suspecting and/or given up all hope. There’s nothing like popping the question when she’s not only stopped expecting it, but has positively started despairing – just ask my best friend who was recently proposed to in exactly those circumstances!

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