Mother of the bride vs. Monster of the bride

Planning a wedding is the ultimate mother/daughter bonding experience, especially when it comes to finding The Dress. Take this quiz to find out if you are a pushy mother of the bride or a god send.

1. Your daughter just announced her engagement, you:
A) Are excited and can’t wait until she asks you for your input
B) Have the Magazines and wedding ideas at the ready
C) Aren’t overly excited, it won’t last

2. Your daughter asks you for help with the wedding plans, you:
A) Can’t wait to be involved but know you are there to help and not push your ideas.
B) Can’t wait until she hears your ideas for colours, styles and venues.
C) Would rather go for lunch with friends than be trailed around the shops.

3. You are paying for a portion of the wedding. This makes you:
A) Proud to be able to help your daughter have the day of her dreams
B) Entitled to make some of the decisions, after all it is your money funding the day.
C) Angry as you would rather have spent the money on a holiday

4. Your daughter decides to go for a non-traditional wedding, you:
A) Like the idea because it’s something different and a wedding everyone will remember
B) Try to persuade her that keeping with traditions are the best way for a wedding
C) Aren’t too bothered about her choices, it means you don’t have to be involved so much

5. Your daughter books Route 66 for her honeymoon, you:
A) Ask her to send you a post card from each stop they make
B) Tell her you would rather go somewhere not so far away so you can join them
C) Are hoping she doesn’t expect you to pay for her adventures.

Mostly (A) you are the perfect mother of the bride, letting your daughter make the decisions on her big day but still ensuring you are there by her side.

Mostly (B) Take a step back, you had your day and times have changed. Let your daughter make her own decisions but be there to guide her.

Mostly (C) your daughter’s wedding is the most important day of her life, ensure you are a part of it. Make some of the appointments with her and show interest in her big day.

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