‘Mr and Mrs’ quiz for a hen night

Wedding advice of all kinds can easily be found online, but making sense of it is not always so easy. I recently turned to the internet for a cheat sheet when preparing a Mr and Mrs-style quiz for a hen night. I got there in the end, but I had to cut through a lot of dross. For example, if you don’t know if your husband-to-be eats meat or is a vegetarian then you shouldn’t be marrying him!

To save you time, here’s my final list of questions

Introductions to use for the game. I’ll report back and let you know how well she did!

For those lucky to be young enough not to have seen the game show, Mr and Mrs is a quiz where one partner first answers some simple enough questions, and the other then has to guess their responses. The idea is to find out how well you know each other and how in tune your answers are to the more bizarre questions!

I’ve sorted them as if by school subjects, feel free to use these as a resource and adapt as you like! If you find this useful, please leave a comment with your feedback.


What was your H2B wearing when you first met?


Who was the first to change their Facebook relationship status? How far into the relationship did this occur?

Home economics

Would your H2B prefer to have a bath in cold custard or cold baked beans?


Which famous musician/film star/celebrity does your H2B think he looks the most like?

Who is your H2B’s weirdest celebrity crush?


On your wedding day, for how many months (or weeks, or days if you’re feeling mean!) will you have been together?


How old was your H2B when he had his first kiss?

What does your H2B say is his favourite day/date spent with you (apart from the day you got engaged)?

What is your H2B ’s mother’s maiden name?

English Language

What were the exact words your H2B used to ask you to marry him?


Who does your H2B think would play you both in a film about your lives?


What super power would your H2B like to have and why?


Would your H2B rather have arms for legs or legs for arms?

What is your H2B’s favourite part of your body?

Psychology/human behaviour

Which of your guests does your H2B think is most likely to embarrass themselves at your wedding?

What us your H2B most looking forward to about married life?

What does your H2B say is your worst habit?

What three things would your H2B save in a fire? (apart from you!) (3 points)

If your H2B had to pick the one thing he loves most about you, what would it be?

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