Songs with diamonds in the title

Sometimes, when I am on hold or in a queue for the supermarket, I like to think of as many songs as I can on a theme. For example, songs mentioning days of the week, songs about people called Sally, songs that name check other bands. This afternoon, we rewarded ourselves for a week of hard work by coming up with a list of songs with diamonds in them. Which lead to a list of songs with gold in them…and so on. Enjoy!

Ok, so let’s start with the obvious…

* Diamonds are Forever
* A Diamond is a Girl’s Best Friend
* Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes – Paul Simon
* Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – the Beatles

But how about…

* Shine on you Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd
* Diamonds on the Inside – Ben Harper
* Diamonds – Ben Howard
* Diamonds and Rust – Joan Baez
* Diamond Dogs – David Bowie
* Black Diamond Bay – Bob Dylan
* Diamonds on my Windshield – Tom Waits
* Diamond Ring – Bon Jovi

(…this last list was courtesy of the office musos, and did take a good hour to come up with!)

And what about songs with other precious gem stones in the title?

* Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones
* Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs
* Silicon on Sapphire – The Clash
* Emerald – Thin Lizzy
* Diamonds and Pearls – Prince

Lastly, songs with precious metals in the title:

* Snoop Dogg – Platinum
* Spandau Ballet – Gold
* Kanye West – Gold Digger
* Echo and the Bunnymen – Silver
* Simple Minds – New Gold Dream
* David Guetta – Titanium
* Shirley Bassett – Goldfinger
* David Soul – Silver Lady
* Platinum Blonde – Blondie

Got any more? Leave a comment below!

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