Sponsored Weddings

Sponsored weddings are already quite popular in the USA and are becoming more prominent throughout the UK year-on-year.

They are an ideal solution to that big white wedding you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl, but at a tiny fraction of the price. This is because the companies you approach can agree to brunt the bulk, or the entirety, of the costs. All you have to give in return is some advertising space for your sponsors.

The advertising can be done in lots of different ways. From discreet little signs in front of the buffet or guest book advertising the caterer or wedding rings provider, to glaringly obvious banners being hung in the reception hall; there are so many quirky and interesting ways to subtly show your gratitude to everyone who has contributed.

It’s a win-win situation for you and the businesses that are advertising. You get massive reductions on anything from the dress and suits to the cake and venue, and the companies get amazingly cheap advertising directly to a large chunk of their target customers.

However, there is always the chance of things not turning out exactly how you want them to with a sponsored wedding. Because not many people have heard of this new-fangled money-saving scheme, the guests can view it as a very impersonal and corporate event, rather than the best and most intimate day of your life.

Your wedding guests will be the ones you hold nearest and dearest, so you probably won’t have to worry about what they think about attending a sponsored wedding. They will completely understand the reasons why you are doing it. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be sending them a sponsor-clad invitation in the first place!

Other, more interesting, ways of promoting your sponsors could be:

  • Mentioning them in a list of thanks in the after dinner speeches
  • Have the DJ make (not too) frequent mentions to some businesses that helped
  • Brands’ logos on napkins, table cloths, chairs etc
  • A list of sponsors in the wedding program
  • A table or baskets of business cards near the buffet table
  • One of the most important considerations is that you will have to come to a compromise with your wedding sponsors about the quantity of advertising throughout your big day. When, where, how and the size of advertising is not only important to you, to keep the perceived tackiness to a minimum, but also to the sponsors as they want obvious branding so your guests will notice it.

    You aren’t going to get asked if you want a sponsored wedding, you have to approach businesses yourself – just like Jack and Michelle. Be a little bit cheeky, but be confident in asking, and definitely be prepared to be told “no”. A lot of companies won’t see the benefits of sponsoring a wedding and will immediately try to reject you, but not Wedding Rings Direct. Be as persuasive as you can and really sell them the benefits of having a sponsored wedding. You should really look to approach the smaller, more local businesses, as they will be more likely to respond to you and they will want to advertise to people in their local area.

    Try to approach a different number of businesses so you can get everything you will possibly need for your big day, and convince your wedding sponsors with a hefty guest list and unique branding and sponsorship ideas.

    Wedding Rings Direct are big on helping people with their weddings. So when Michelle and Jack approached us to be involved in their Sponsored Wedding, the first one we had heard of in the UK, we jumped at the chance to be involved!

    Check out www.mybigfatsponsoredwedding.com for all the details of their big day and how they have organised this, very different, wedding!

    Sponsored weddings are a fantastic way to save money for a brilliant honeymoon, and to ensure that your sponsors don’t let you down, you should always get everything in writing. But the most important thing to remember is that you’re happy with the way the whole day goes because, after all, it is your wedding day and we’re positive that Jack and Michelle’s day will be absolutely perfect.

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