My Top Ten Ideas for Wedding Ring Engraving

I often get asked by customers what I think they should have as the engraving in their wedding rings. As for anything to do with weddings – especially the wedding rings which are worn for life – I really encourage people to think hard about the words that will mean the most to them. However, I have now bowed to popular demand and put together a list of our Top Ten Engravings – I hope you find them inspiring!

We can engrave in script font, roman font, or even translate your message into ancient runes! If you want to see what these look like, have a look at our new page of engraving images.

1: The classic date and name combo. Probably the most popular thing we engrave in wedding rings is the couple’s names and the date of their wedding, e.g. “Liza and Johnny 28th August 2011”.

2: The declaration of love. “I will love you forever”, “Our love is endless” and a simple “I love you” are simple statements to underly the commitment of the exchange of rings.

3: The nicknames. We’ve seen “I love you smiffypants” and “To my wee mango”. “My little icicle” is my personal favourite – it makes me think that Mr often has to lend his Mrs his favourite jumper to cuddle up in!

4: The song lyric. From “She loves you, yeah yeah yeah” to “So happy together” via “A whole new world” – we’ve seen it all! We also get the odd quote from poetry and classic literature.

5: The place name. A surprising entry at number five is the place name – we guess people choose the location of their destination wedding, the place they met, or somewhere they’ve spend a memorable holiday together.

6: The couple’s names plus their children’s names. In a time where second marriages are on the up, and co-habitation is on the increase, people often get their children’s names on their wedding rings along with their own.

7: The tongue-in-cheek threat. “Put it back on!” is a popular one, as are statements like “Property of Liza”.

8: The fingerprint. Laser-engraving technology means that any image can be engraved on the inside of a ring, as long as we can make it into a .pdf file. Our customers are using this opportunity to have images, symbols and pictures, but the most popular choice by far is the fingerprint. We can even send you a kit to take the print, and then we’ll convert it into the image for you!

9: The ones that only work as a pair. We quite often see people get sweet statements like “I don’t know much…” on one ring, and “…but I know I love you” on the other. Another couple chose “Moo?” and “Moo!”, which leads us to number ten…

10: The baffling in-joke. We’ve seen “You’re ugly” (thankfully supported by a customer’s explanation of the sweet joke behind it) and “Be my grandpa” (with no explanation). These are our favourites in the WRD office as we can spend the day discussing where the nicknames might have come from.

10 thoughts on “My Top Ten Ideas for Wedding Ring Engraving”

  1. Hi I was looking 4 a price on the following to be engraved inside a silver wedding ring You are my life, my love, my best friend and may this ring be a reminder of my love and the commitment I make to you

  2. Hiya .. i was wondering the price for my engravement and if it will fit. it is –

    12/09/10 I’v got 99 problems and my wife is one

  3. hi im looking to get my wedding ring engraved saying “Happily Ever After” in the inside of the ring, the ring size is R and the ring is 3mm wide

  4. Hi, I am wondering how much a wedding band of 9ct gold around the 5mm width size along with 7 diamonds of differing size totalling 1/4 carat would be along with posible engraving on the underside of a small message/date.
    Looking to replace a much loved and meaningful wedding band lost recentley. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rachel, Sorry to hear you lost your wedding band, I have sent your request to Kim who works on our Bespoke service. She will e-mail you directly about how we can help with your request. Thanks for contacting us.

  5. Hello, I was wondering if I could get my wedding rings engraved on the inside, my local jewellers don’t seem to think they can do it. It would basically just be each other’s 1st initially along with some greek text (only 2 words). Any help would be great, thanks.

  6. Hi

    I was wondering if someone would contact me regarding engraving my wedding ring. It’s a titanium band so would require specialist laser engraving. Also I’d prefer it to be done on the inside if possible.


    1. Hi Ross,
      I’m so sorry for our delay in responding.
      Unfortunately, we do not engrave rings that were not originally manufactured by ourselves. If you did purchase your ring from us originally please email [email protected] with the name the order was placed in, your order number if you still have it and your query. Once we locate your original order we will be more than happy to quote you for this service.
      I hope that this helps you!
      Kindest regards, Imogen.

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