15th June 2017

♥ ♥ ♥ We’re getting married next week!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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I can’t believe the 100 day countdown has come to its end. As of next Saturday I will be a Mrs ♥

(hopefully we’ll be looking a bit more dapper than this on the day 😀 )


This means that this is my last post as Miss Pia Mika Jennie Paulsson. I have absolutely loved writing these countdown posts and I think it’s helped me concentrate on what needs doing in the lead up to the big day.


Both me and Dan have been feeling a little nervous this week, I think it’s mainly to do with all the small things that needs tying up before next Saturday. But we are confident it will be the best day ever and I’m pretty sure insomnia from excitement is going to kick in soon!

The planning has as I’ve said before been pretty straight forward. I’m thanking the internet, Instagram, Pinterest etc for this. Hours and hours have been spent searching the web and creating different mood boards which is brilliant for inspiration and can get your own creativity going.


But it’s of course all our friends that have lent a helping hand that needs the biggest THANK YOU. My number 1 tip when it comes to the planning is to ask for help from your nearest as there is so no doubt a lot of creative heads and experience around you. We’ve been so lucky to have had invites, hair, music, decorations and so much more sorted by our friends.




Even though the planning has been fun the bit I’ve been looking forward to the most is yet to come. Apart from the actual day itself of course. Having our friends and family help setting it all up on the night before the wedding. There are cakes to be made, tables to be set, bouquets to be bound and balloons to be pumped. And hopefully a bit of time left for beauty sleep. EEEEKKK!! ♥


I’ll be back with more posts after our honeymoon. I’m dying to show the dress as I haven’t been able to do that yet, and there will be a thorough run-through of the whole day. Stay tuned!! 🙂