7th May 2022

10 Helpful Tips for Creating Your Wedding Gift List

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Your wedding gift list can set the tone for the next few months after your wedding. Do you want an all expenses paid honeymoon with all the bells and whistles? Or do you want to nest down together in your cosy upgraded home. Creating a gift registry takes the stress out of wedding gifts for you and your guests. You can create a list online, and tailor it to your preferences. There are so many options, from charity lists to retail lists that span different retailers.

If you are stuck onw here to start with your wedding gift list, or worried that it feels rude to ask for presents, never fear. Here is our list of 10 helpful tips for creating your registry.


1 – Determine What You Need

Are you a young couple just starting out? Then appliances, towels, and other homewares may be perfect for you. But if you are a bit older, or have lived together for a while then you may want to rethink. Perhaps you could opt for a honeymoon fund, or charity registry instead.


2 – Allow For All Budgets

While some of your family members will be prepared to shell out for a big gift, lots of your friends simply won’t have the funds to go all out. Ensure that there are plenty of gift options in every price range so that everyone has an option they are comfortable with.


3 – More is More

The more items that you have on your list, the more options your guest will have in each price range. It is always best to over choose than under choose! You never want your guests to check the registry only to find one or two items left.


4 – Sort it Soon

Wedding planning is stressful, and you have a million things going on. However, making your gift list a priority is a must! It is best to give your guests plenty of time to select a gift. That way they can budget, and even collaborate on getting a bigger ticket item as a group.


5 – Only Pick Things You Truly Want

This may sound obvious, but don’t add items just for the sake of it. If this means that you end up just requesting monetary gifts then fine! At least your friends and family won’t be shelling out for pointless items.


6 – Keep it User-Friendly

Most wedding gift lists are online nowadays. This is super convenient for people who are confident with a computer, but can be a nightmare for those that aren’t. To get around this, you could add an excerpt in your invitation with instructions on how to access and use the list. Otherwise, you can assign some members of your wedding party to act as assistants for anyone who needs it.


7 – Don’t Spoil the Surprise

As soon as your wedding gift list is made, hand it off to someone else. By allowing a member of your bridal party to monitor what things are being bought, you can keep the excitement of receiving the gifts until the wedding.


8 – Make it About You

This is the one time in your life that it is socially acceptable for you to curate a massive list of presents that you want to be bought. Use it wisely! This list shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought, it should really reflect who you are both as individuals and as a couple.


9 – Express Your Gratitude

A thank you speech and thank you notes are both extremely important to let your guests know you are grateful for your gifts. It’s just good manners! Make sure you keep note of who gave you what so that you can personalise the thank you card. There is nothing worse than a cookie cutter message.


10 – Don’t Skip the Wedding Gift List

This may seem like a silly one, but so many couples feel anxious about asking for gifts. If you expect to receive gifts at your wedding, it is much better to get things you actually want. Otherwise it can end up like too many Christmases where you have to politely fake a smile. Wedding guests expect there to be a wedding gift list, so there is no strangeness there. In fact, it actually makes things much easier for those attending. So don’t be shy, let the people know what you want!