22nd January 2018

10 Traditions It’s Now Okay To Ditch From Your Wedding!

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When it comes to your big day, there may be parts of the planning that you really don’t want to do. Well.. with this list, you might not have to! Here’s 10 things that are now acceptable to be cut from your big day:


1. The White Wedding Dress

Arguably one of the most important parts of your day, more and more women are now ditching the formal ‘White Dress’ for more fun colours and styles! Throw in a pop of colour or hike up that hem for a dress that flaunts your personality as well as looking fabulous. Alternatively, keep the dress and add your own personality in the shoes!

2. Walking Down the Aisle to Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus”

It may have been the song you hummed in your head ever since you were a little girl planning your big day, but if it wasn’t, that’s totally fine too! More and more couples are opting to have a more meaningful song that’s personal to them to walk down the isle to!

3. Matching Wedding Rings

With all the choice these days it’s easy to see why couples are moving away from matching wedding bands. The different choices in metals, shapes, styles and designs make it almost impossible for a couple to find one that suits you both!

4. The Bouquet Toss

Many women are now choosing to have fake flowers or alternative bouquets for their big days now, and want to keep them as a sentiment from the big day, so why throw it away?! If you’ve got a good party going on, your guests won’t even notice!

5. Registering for A Wedding List

This is a very old tradition that can be skipped. Most people probably already have a home together and don’t need more kitchenware! Why not ask for contributions towards your Honeymoon, your favourite charity or don’t ask for anything!

6. Wedding Favours

How many times have you left a wedding with favours left all over the tables? Most guests won’t notice if there aren’t any, and you can still buy the main wedding party a small token gift each if you want to!

7. A Sit Down Wedding Breakfast

Chicken, beef or fish? How about no. Throw a buffet or have a hog roast. You can hire a cute retro food van or have a vintage style afternoon tea? As long as your guests are fed, have some fun with it!

8. A Diamond Engagement Ring

Okay, so this might not be part of the Wedding planning but.. diamonds may no longer be a girls best friend after all! Kate Middleton’s engagement ring focuses more on the stunning blue sapphire and Eva Longoria’s is all about the ruby! You can even follow in Prince Harry’s footsteps, and design your own! 

9. A Church Ceremony

So many people opt for marrying abroad, or in a barn or in a field or a place that’s got meaning for them as a couple. The options of places you can marry are practically limitless these days, the world is your oyster!

10. The 3 Tiered White Wedding Cake

This might be one of my favourites.. I’ve never liked fruit cake and adore the look of naked wedding cakes! Why not have lots of cupcakes and one small cake to cut as a couple? Some people ditch the cake altogether and have a range of fancy desserts!


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