23rd July 2021

Bridal Nails: Minimalist ‘Cool Girl’ Nail Ideas For 2021 Brides

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Bridal nails are the cherry on top of your bridal look, and 2021 is all about simple, minimalist cool. Here are some of our favourite low maintenance nail trends that will work perfectly with any wedding dress.

Nude Jelly Tones

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Tropical vibes only with this simple yet chic take on a nude mani. Choose a shade that compliments your skin tone and let the nail shape do the talking. This is perfect for brides with a blingy ring who want their jewels to shine, and transitions perfectly into honeymoon style.

A Pop Of Black

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A nod to romantic silhouettes, this is a stunning look for brides who want a bit of edge to their bridal nails. We love the contrast of the black with a floral motif but it would work just as well with a more abstract design. Why not match your bridal nails theme to your venue?

Subtle Glitter

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Glitter polish just isn’t the grainy, flaky mess that it used to be. Choose a subtle glitter with lots of colour shifts to really draw the eye to your hands as you exchange rings. This look works so well with any base colour, so why not match your bridal nails to your bridesmaids’ dresses?

Holographic Gradient

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Who says holographic can’t be bridal? We absolutely love this holo accent nail on a pinky base coat, given the ultra cool girl twist as it casually gradients onto the surrounding nails. These are the perfect day-to-night bridal nails.

Feeling French

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French manicures are a time tested bridal nails staple and absolutely here to stay. The chic, minimalist clean lines and flattering base coat give a beautiful lengthening affect to the fingers. For an ultra cool 2021 twist, go for coloured tips or even multi-coloured!

Whatever you choose for your big day, remember to stay true to your own personal style. If you want to keep it simple and let your dress and rings do the talking, then these designs are perfect for you. But if you are more of an acrylics girl, then get that blingy manicure of your dreams! After two years of hand sanitiser and soap we definitely think it’s time to give your hands the star treatment they deserve.



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