20th March 2022

2022 Engagement Ring Trends

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Now, an engagement ring is for life of course, but as with all things trends come and go. Here are some of the top 2022 engagement ring trends that you can be sure will be all over your feed over the next year.


Toi et Moi

2022 Engagement Ring Trends
Toi et Moi ring

From Emily Ratajkowski, to Ariana Grande, to Megan Fox, the toi et moi has been established as a must have for celebrity brides to be. The two stone engagement ring is firmly becoming a popular choice and gaining ever more popularity over time.

The pros: You don’t have to settle on a diamond shape, or even a centre stone. Two stone rings offer a  unique opportunity to have your cake and eat it, so if you can’t choose between a sapphire and a diamond, or a pear and emerald cut, you don’t have to.

The Cons: Two stone rings will inevitably come with a higher price tag as you need double the stone. They can also be awkward to pair a wedding band with.


Dainty Bands

2022 Engagement Ring Trends
Dainty rubover engagement ring

One of the key 2022 engagement ring trends on our feed is an extremely fine, dainty band with a huge centre stone. Think Kourtney Kardashian’s ring from Travis Barker, the diamond appears to almost float on her finger. No fuss, no frills, and a real heirloom quality about it. This style will work on everyone, so it’s safe to say this will be an enduring trend for years to come.

The pros: This kind of design will never go out of style. You can dress it up with a fun wedding band, or even make it your own with unexpected features like a coloured centre stone or a vintage setting style.

The cons: Dainty bands on engagement rings are no hard wearing at all. You will need to be prepared to take your ring off when doing anything strenuous, or risk bending or snapping the band.


Sculptural Pieces

2022 Engagement Ring Trends
Sculptural engagement ring

On the other end of the spectrum is one of the other key 2022 engagement ring trends which is sculptural jewellery. Think thick, wide bands that aren’t necessarily round or even. Stones set at unexpected angles, or in creative ways into the band. Lots of height, volume, and a modern art quality.

The pros: These rings can be really personal as they really express the individual style of the wearer. The artistic nature of their design leaves scope to create a piece based upon the wearer’s interests or passions which adds another level to the meaning behind the piece.

The cons: Finding a wedding band to match your sculptural engagement ring will range from hair-raising to bloomin’ impossible. Many will choose to eschew the wedding band if they go for this trend. Secondly, this is a very trendy trend. You may find in a few years that you want to re-set your stone into something more classic.


Oval Diamonds

2022 Engagement Ring Trends
Oval trilogy engagement ring

Are we bored of ovals yet? According to the trends, no. Seen on every celeb finger and engagement inspiration Pinterest board, the oval diamond Renaissance soldiers on. The stones are popular for their large spread and lower cost in comparison to round diamonds. They also look very flattering and elongating on the finger.

The pros: Everyone will love it, you can get more diamond for your dime, and it won’t really go out of style.

The cons: Dare we say…ubiquitous? Unless you combine the oval with a fun setting or twist, your ring will scream the roaring 2020s.


Unexpected Details

2022 Engagement Ring Trends
Emerald cut engagement ring

“Classic with a twist” is a phrase that comes to mind when summing up the 2022 engagement ring trends. More and more we are seeing almost traditional rings with a fun element that gives them that chic it factor.

Think blackened button back stone settings, stones set East-West, art deco halos, and baguette diamond bands as opposed to classic pavé. We are even seeing classic solitaires with the stone set on one side of the band as opposed to the centre. It’s nice to see people have fun and express themselves with their engagement rings. The era of normcore is over, and individuality is back.

The pros: You get to have fun with your engagement ring, put your stamp on it, and end up with something you really want to wear.

The cons: Your style might change as you get older. Bespoke features will mean your ring is more costly.

Are you looking to make one of these 2022 engagement ring trends your own? Contact our dedicated bespoke team to discuss making your dream into a reality!