13th August 2021

Our Top 5 2022 Wedding Trends

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After two years of uncertainty, cancellations, and disappointments, it seems as if many couples have given up on a 2021 wedding. Since 2022 is the time that most people are looking to book their nuptials for, lets take a look at the top 5 2022 wedding trends!

Big Trend: Elopements

Honestly, this one makes a lot of sense. While we are all looking forward to being able to party as a group again, Covid has had a huge impact on how many people we are comfortable sharing a space with at an event. It has also had a huge financial impact on many couples, leaving less wedding budget than originally hoped for.

Elopements are the chic, budgetable option for couples who want to make their big day all about them. With costs ranging from just a few hundred pounds upwards, there is an elopement style to suit every couple’s needs.

2022 wedding trends: elopements

Why we Love It:

  • Elopement venues offer packages that include a photographer, a meal and a mini-moon – so all your planning is done for you!
  • You can always have a big wedding bash with all of your family and friends at a later date, such as your one year anniversary.

Aesthetic: Bridgerton

Thanks to Shonda Rhimes, everyone is craving the regency style-opulence of the fantasy Bridgerton world. Inspired by the wedding of Daphne and the Duke, bridal fashion has geared towards empire waist dresses with puffed sleeves, corsets, and elaborate up-dos.

Perfect your Bridgerton themed wedding by choosing the historic city of Bath as your location. There are plenty of regency venues to choose from. You may even be able to marry somewhere that was used in the show!

Regency wedding: 2022 wedding trends

Why we Love It:

  • We are bored of the mundane feeling of lockdowns and isolation and crave luxury and opulence!
  • This is an extremely romantic theme, and a really easy one to match venues and dresses to without seeming too “themed”.

Colour Palette: Earth Tones

Neutrals are the new pastels. Perfect for all skin tones, venues, and themes, the undeniable cool of earth tones will add a sense of sophistication to your wedding.

2022 wedding trends: earthy table setting

From floral arrangements to table settings, earth tones add a pleasing warmth to your wedding tables. These colours pair perfectly with trendy succulent bouquets. This is also a great way to ensure flattering bridesmaids dresses.

2022 wedding trends: earth toned wedding favours

Why we Love It:

  • Earth tones are great to match with more casual themes like a bohemian wedding.
  • Mis-matching looks fantastic in Earth tones, so this is ideal for a DIY or sustainable bride.

Theme: Sustainability

2022 wedding trends are all about stripping back and reconnecting with ourselves after everything we have been through. Sustainability is absolutely at the heart of this, and is gaining popularity in modern wedding planning.

2022 wedding trends: eco wedding outfits

Couples are choosing more sustainable options such as electronic wedding invitations, vegan food options, second hand dresses, and recycled gold wedding rings.

Why not substitute confetti for autumn leaves, or rice. There are also great options for your guests to donate to environmental charities in lieu of gifts. This could include planting trees or funding green initiatives. This is a great way to offset any of your wedding emissions.

2022 wedding trends: eco wedding

Why We Love It:

  • We love the Earth and weddings don’t. The average carbon emissions of a traditional wedding are from 60 tonnes to 80 tonnes.
  • There are loads of eco friendly venues to choose from, including famous landmarks like The Eden Project.

Venue: At-Home Weddings

More and more couples are choosing to forego the stately home and get married AT home. If you or a loved one has a nice roomy garden, this is perfect for a down to earth garden party wedding.

2022 wedding trends: garden wedding table layout

You can still pack on the luxury with your dream dress and a swish caterer, but keep it sentimental by marrying in a meaningful place.

Don’t forget to budget for shelter hire, as well as any chairs or tables you may need. Remember if you want entertainment like a DJ, they may require external power points so look into this well in advance of the day.

2022 wedding trends: garden wedding

Why We Love It:

  • This is the ideal budget-friendly wedding venue, leaving more money in the kitty for an open bar or dream honeymoon.
  • Odds are your venue will be perfectly situated for a ceremony at your childhood family church, or another sentimental venue.