10th January 2024

2024 Wedding Trends: Our Ins and Outs For the New Year

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It’s another new year, which means wedding season is nearly upon us! Let’s take a look ahead at the 2024 wedding trends that we expect to see all over your Pinterest boards, from our major ins to the dreaded outs.

In For 2024

Convertible Dresses

2024 wedding trends convertible dresses

With the stratospheric rise of the “after party dress”, brides are on the hunt for convertible gowns that can serve as a two in one look. Look for a mini or a sheath that can be paired with a dramatic overskirt for your ceremony. 2024 wedding trends are all about versatility.

Coloured Diamonds

Engagement ring trends have been leaning towards the unconventional for a few years, and this does not seem to be slowing down. With the rise in popularity of lab grown diamonds, it is no longer out of the ordinary to see somebody sporting a large, white stone in their engagement ring. Brides looking for something classic, elegant, and unique will be reaching for more unconventional diamond colours such as yellow or pink. Bonus cool girl points if you go for an interesting cut like a heart or an Ascher cut stone.

Unique Veils

2024 wedding trends unique veils

Sofia Richie’s dewdrop veil had the internet in a chokehold in 2023, and the trend for unique veils was born. Brides are getting creative with this trend, some even recreating the dew drop veil themselves. Others are choosing to adorn their veils with meaningful elements such as lace from a family wedding gown. For a really unique veil, why not consider something short and structural to honour the floral shapes that are an early frontrunner in runway 2024 wedding trends.

Italian Revival

Mob wife style, Carmella Soprano, Kourtney Kardashian-Barker, The Godfather, Pia Baroncini. The timeless luxe of Italian romance will be all over wedding season this year. From heavy gold jewellery to structured corsetry and family style luxury meals, this is a wedding aesthetic which leans in to creating a vibe for your wedding day. Take inspiration from the Renaissance just as much as from Scorsese movies to hit that perfect medium between luxe and cool.

Informal Celebrations

Gone are the days of the stuffy stately home wedding. Don’t let the words “relaxed” or “informal” put you off – this does not have to mean sloppy or thrown together. Think hosting your reception at a cool restaurant, or your ceremony outside. You can even run away with your closest friends for a wedding weekend in a villa. Back garden weddings are a great opportunity to pour your budget into really good food, or really beautiful flowers. This trend is more of an extension of quiet luxury than a thrifty wedding solution. The idea is to create a really relaxing atmosphere for yourself and your guests, not to compromise on quality.

Non-Traditional Proposals

2024 wedding trends leap year proposal

2024 needs to be the year where we put our foot down on Valentine’s Day, birthday, and Christmas Day proposals. Life is short! Pop the question in the supermarket just because you love how your partner’s eyes light up in the yogurt aisle! Okay maybe that one is unrealistic, but why not? It’s high time proposals were about love again, not the Instagram post.

It’s also a leap year, so ladies it is unequivocally your time to shine. Of course we know from experience that many women propose to their partners of all genders every year, but we want to see more of it! Engagement rings for men have been trending higher than ever before, with so many beautiful options to choose from no matter his style.


Out For 2024


Life has been really really hard for the majority of people over the past 4 years. The rise of maximalist fashion is continuing its way to the stratosphere and on the way it is scooping up every industry along with it. What we need is whimsy, delight, and decadence.  Maximalist does not have to mean expensive. That’s why 2024 wedding trends are all about expression. The essence of maximalism is more is more, but that can come from cheerfully mismatched thrifted décor, or a joyful colour palette.

Excessive Stag and Hen Dos

2024 wedding trends hen do

Please don’t hate us for this one but…we can’t afford to attend all 6 of your stag/hen events complete with flights and hotel stays. We still love you though!!


Again we know people will complain about this one, but frankly it’s been done to death over the past year. It’s a great option if you are catering by yourself and need something easy to assemble, but other than that it just seems like an expensive way to consume what is essentially a mostly beige buffet.

Giant Bouquets

2024 wedding trends large bouquets out

We love flowers as much as the next person, but why spend all that money on a gorgeous wedding gown only to be completely obscured by flowers on your way down the aisle? Big bouquets seem to always result in awkward wedding photos, with the bride struggling to know what to do with her hands and arms. The key to looking effortless on your wedding day is definitely a bouquet that’s comfortable to hold with one hand. That’s why mini bouquets are one of our favourite 2024 wedding trends to look out for.

Over Spending on Your Big Day

It doesn’t matter what the trends are, what your family wants, or how fancy your friends’ weddings were. It is increasingly common for couple to go into debt to have their dream wedding, and we want to leave that nonsense behind in 2023 where it belongs. Let’s make weddings about love again.