25th May 2017

4 weeks…until we put a ring on it!! ♥

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On Saturday this week the official ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN begins.

This last week we have got loads done. Both venues are now ready and paid for. We registered our marriage at Town Hall last Friday ♥ Me and my bridesmaids also had a hair trial/meeting with our good friend Mardi who will be doing our hair on the day. And Dan picked up his wedding shoes, a nice pair of Loakes, so posh they arrived in felt bags like a pair of Louboutin’s.

Our wedding rings got completed this week (pictured below 🙂 ) as well and so I thought it would be a good time to run through the different metals we have on offer and list their different qualities. It’s a long list but worth a read to make sure you get the right ring for your personality and lifestyle.

From a women’s point of view choosing your ring metal is often decided by the metal of your engagement ring. Men have a wide selection of metals available to choose:

Our most popular choice for wedding and engagement rings due to its hardness, rarity and naturally white sheen that will never fade or change colour. Our platinum rings are 95% pure, which means they are heavy, strong and naturally hypo-allergenic The best choice if you have the budget for a prestigious ring that will last you a lifetime.

Palladium is a white precious metal and part of the platinum group of metals, popular for its natural white colour which does not tarnish or require re-plating. It’s affordable in comparison to Platinum, and is a great low maintenance, durable metal.

Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is the traditional choice for wedding rings, we offer 9ct, 14ct 18ct and 22ct rings. A mixture of pure gold, copper and silver gives yellow gold jewellery its signature warmth. Depending on what carat you choose, the colour and hardness of the ring will differ.

White Gold
White gold jewellery uses pure gold alloyed with other white metals such as palladium and silver, to produce a beautiful polish and shine. As a standard, white gold rings are plated with rhodium to give its brilliant white lustre. Rhodium plating is hypo-allergenic and helps to protect the white gold. Although strong, rhodium wears away over time. Re-plating is a simple process that can be done to restore whiteness at any time.

Rose Gold
Also known as pink gold or red gold, rose gold adds a touch of romance to your jewellery – if you want a ring that is traditional and distinguished then rose gold could be the metal for you. Rose gold is often used in bi-coloured rings to offset the more traditional white or yellow gold. Like yellow gold, depending on what carat you choose, the colour and hardness of the ring will differ.

Silver is one of the longest standing precious metals used in making jewellery. It is popular within jewellery as it is very malleable and one of the most inexpensive precious metals. It is important to note however that silver will tarnish and scratch more easily than other metals. When purchasing from Wedding Rings Direct, we will happily rhodium plate your silver ring at no extra cost to you upon request.

Titanium is an ideal metal for making jewellery due to its properties; it is incredibly strong and durable in comparison to other metals. It is distinguished by its darker colour and lighter weight. Another fantastic attribute of titanium is that it is hypo-allergenic, making it perfect for those with sensitivities to wearing jewellery.

Zirconium and Black Zirconium
Zirconium is very similar to titanium in strength and weight. Zirconium is a grey/white lustrous metal with all the same hypo-allergenic qualities as Titanium and when it is heat treated, it forms a deep silky black oxide coating that is scratch resistant, known as Black Zirconium.

Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten Carbide is exceptionally strong, scratch-resistant and hypo-allergenic. Tungsten Carbide does not tarnish and is substantially heavier in weight when compared to other metals. It is important to note, that with hardness comes brittleness. If a Tungsten ring is dropped or severely knocked on a hard surface, it can potentially fracture the ring.

Stainless Steel
This metal is good for people with a small budget. Stainless steel is relatively strong and durable so ideal for fashion rings and wedding rings. It is hypo-allergenic and scratch resistant.

Ceramic rings are very cost-effective and durable rings. The material used in making contemporary ceramic jewellery is called titanium carbide (TiC), more commonly known as high-tech ceramic. One of ceramic’s best features is its shine; when polished, it has a beautiful smooth, glossy finish.


This time next week me and the girls are mid-air on our way to the villa in Spain for hen do no 2. WOOP WOOP!! Time to get tanned for the big day! 😀