4th March 2022

5 Fun Alternative Wedding Ideas For All Budgets

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When planning a wedding it becomes abundantly clear that there is an expected order of the day, range of venues, activities, and so on. As a culture we have created an idea of a wedding, and many marrying couples find it hard to break free from that. Of course, many couples dream of their very own traditional wedding, but others feel trapped by convention when their dream sis really an alternative wedding.

An alternative wedding can truly take any form – that’s the beauty of it! Weddings work best when they are a true reflection of the marrying couple. So, the first step to planning yours is to sit down with your partner and make a list of everything you love most in the world. From there, you can narrow down the aspects of your self that you most would like to see represented on your big day.

Still struggling to envision what your alternative wedding could look like? Here are 5 fun ideas for all budgets.


Brunch Wedding


Early risers, this one’s for you. If you’re a fan of the bottomless brunch, why not make it the basis for your wedding feast! Brunch weddings are great for budget conscious couples. You will find that venues are less costly when hired for the earlier half of the day. You can also safely host a brunch wedding on a Sunday which will also keep costs down. The cost per head on food is likely to be less for a brunch event too.

Up the romance by having a sunrise wedding ceremony. You only need to include your nearest and dearest before meeting other guests at the wedding brunch.


Multi-Day Festival Wedding

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On the other end of the spectrum, you could choose to host a wedding weekend. These usually involve a few different set activities mixed in with some free time for your guests. Often wedding weekends are also destination weddings.

We love the idea of making your wedding weekend festival themed. You can hire an Air B&B for all of your guests with a large outdoor space. Add a circus style tent, an outdoor bar and some festival-style entertainment and you can really make a weekend of it! You could even hire out an entire glamping site as a venue.

Get the Glastonbury feel by hiring food trucks for your evening meals, and having circus performers freely walk around the event.


Adventure Elopement

alternative wedding

This one’s for thrill seekers. Surely the most exciting alternative wedding you can go for is an adventure elopement. Think taking a helicopter to the top of a glacier to say your vows, or scaling a mountain to reach its summit. Adventure elopements always yield the most astonishing wedding photos, so be sure you have found a way to get a photographer there with you.

Some couples prefer to be completely alone for their elopement. They may choose to record an officiant saying the ceremony to play at their elopement site. This is a lovely, romantic idea but is usually not grounds for a legal marriage. So if you do choose this option, remember to get legally married too!


Secret Elopement With Anniversary Reception


Following on with the elopement theme, a really fun way to surprise your guests is to invite them to a party only to reveal that it is in fact your one year wedding anniversary. This is perfect for the couple who love to prank their friends.

The best part of this alternative wedding idea is that you really get the best of both worlds. The private, romantic elopement and the big party with all of your loved ones. It also spreads the fun out a bit, so there’s more to look forward to after the big day.


Host a Micro Wedding at Your Favourite Restaurant

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Seriously, is there anything more chic than dressing to the nines, getting hitched at a registry office, then taking your guests to a private dining room at your favourite restaurant to celebrate your nuptials? Low fuss and high impact, this micro wedding concept has Rockstar vibes.

Bonus points if you all hit the club or party in a hotel suite in your bridal finery after dinner.


Will you be hosting an alternative wedding? We would love to hear what ideas you have in store for yours!