31st December 2021

5 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Partner

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Couples that grow together stay together, so what better way to kick off your new year than by making some resolutions together? Having your partner to support you through your resolutions can also be the make or break between you sticking to them and not.

It can be tempting to make new year all about putting pressure on yourself to make more money, lose weight, or other things which can put strain on you as a person. Choosing resolutions that benefit both you and your partner is a way to get around these superficial goals and focus on something more personal. Here are 5 of our top suggestions for couples new year resolutions that put your relationship first.


Learn a New Skill Together

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Treat the new year as an opportunity to try something new and potentially discover skills you never knew you had. Whether you choose to attend a yoga class, sign up for life drawing, or start an allotment, the key is to choose something you are both interested in doing together.

The feeling of achievement when you master something as a team will bring you closer together. Bonus points if the new skill means you have some cool new art to hang on your walls, or fresh veggies to cook for dinner.


Plan More Dates

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It is so important in any relationship to prioritise spending time together. It can be easy to give up on this once you have lived together for a while, and to fall into the habit of sitting on the sofa every night. Planning a scheduled date night every week is a really good way to break out of this rut and get to know your partner again. It doesn’t have to be fancy dinners that cost the earth either – you can just as easily set up a date night at home with a pillow fort and a movie. Get creative, and make sure you turn off your mobile phones so you can fully enjoy each other’s company.


Cook Dinner Together Once a Week

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Cooking dinner can be a really personal experience to share. Perhaps you split household chores equally, or maybe one of you does all the cooking. Either way, taking the time to find a new recipe and cook it together once a week is a fantastic bonding activity. It will give you the opportunity to find new foods that you like, and to have a fun flirt while you’re in the kitchen.


Prioritise Physical Touch

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Once the honeymoon period is over it can be easy to get too comfortable with your partner. If you find you are forgetting to kiss them goodbye, or hold their hand while you are relaxing together then make a resolution to bring these things back into your lives.

Cuddles hep you release dopamine and oxytocin, so adding more of those into your daily lives will make you happier over time too. Making a conscious decision to touch your partner more and be affectionate will make a huge difference in all parts of your relationship.


Set a Savings Goal

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Rather than pushing yourself to earn more, a positive resolution for you both to share is a specific savings goal. Maybe you have always wanted to go to Japan, or to a 5 star hotel. Choose something you both have dreamed of, and make a concerted effort to save up for it over that year. Make it simple by setting up a joint savings account and direct debits so you can plan the rest of your monthly budget around it.

It will feel great to save up for something together with each of you putting in the exact same amount. This will hopefully inspire you to do more money saving challenges in the future too!