3rd December 2021

5 Romantic Christmas Proposal Ideas

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Scratching your head on how to plan the perfect Christmas proposal? Here are 5 of our favourite festive proposal ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!


Christmas Treasure Hunt Proposal

Christmas proposal

Send your partner on a wild goose chase under the guise of a hidden final gift. This could be around the house or even around your local area depending on on how many people you want to get involved to help. Put the extra effort in and make each clue a proper riddle. Extra points if they are related to your relationship! It is also nice if you use lovely paper and envelopes for the clues to make it feel extra special. It is your proposal after all.

Top tip: Make sure the ring is hidden somewhere safe! This is especially important if you are taking the hunt outside. If you want to hide it in an outside location, have somebody stay with the ring at all times.


Under the Tree Proposal

Christmas proposal

A classic, and for good reason. Hiding the ring under the tree may not be the most imaginative Christmas proposal idea, but it will definitely get the surprise factor down. An elaborate Christmas proposal may start to tip off your partner that something big is about to happen, whereas simply handing them a box from underneath the tree won’t arouse suspicion at all.

Top tip: Spring for a purpose made proposal box with lovely decorations to make it feel extra special. You can even get proposal surprise boxes which burst open with things like confetti inside.


Advent Calendar Proposal

Christmas proposal

This one takes some forward planning, but we absolutely love it as an out of the box idea. Create a custom advent calendar with choccies in every section except the final one. Pop the ring in the final compartment, and make sure you watch your partner open it on Christmas Day!

Top tip: To avoid suspicion, make yourself a matching calendar. This is a win win, because you get to choose all your advent calendar treats.


Christmas Ornament Proposal

Christmas proposal

Did you know you can get purpose-made bauble ring boxes? They are shaped just like a bauble but have a secret hinged opening.  This is such a fun play on the Christmas gift proposal, and you can re-hang the bauble every year to remind you of when you proposed.

Top tip: Depending on how observant your partner is, you could try and get away with hanging it on the tree when the other decorations go up. If you think they would get curious, save it for Christmas Eve and pop it on the tree just before you both go to bed.


Boxing Day Proposal

Christmas proposal

If you think your partner is expecting a Christmas proposal, swerve their expectations and get them on Boxing Day instead! We like this idea because it gives the element of surprise, whilst also not detracting from Christmas Day itself, In a way it helps to extend the festivities which us always a bonus! Riff on the Boxing Day theme by presenting your partner with a massive box, with several increasingly smaller boxes inside until they find the ring box in the centre. It’s a bit silly, easily done at home and just the right vibe for a Boxing Day proposal.

Top tip: Hide a bottle of champagne from everyone on Christmas Day so you have something to toast your engagement with!