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6 Ideas To Create A Garden Wedding Wonderland

Here are some quirky ideas on how to transform your back garden into a totally unique venue.

Unique Beer Coolers

Displaying your beers in an ice bucket can be improved greatly if you use your imagination!

If you have an old wheel barrow on your land then why not fill it with ice and add put a sign on it saying ‘dig for victory’ or you could fill a small rowing boat with refreshing bottled beer, other ideas would be a vintage bath or farm food trough.

Perfect for your guests to help themselves to a refreshing drink.


Illuminate your space with Fairy Lights

The magic of fairly lights is that they can add a touch of sparkle to hidden corners of the garden and simply transform unslightly bushes or exterior walls. The range of fairylights available online is huge from hanging willow tree lights to festoons and chinese lanterns on strings.

Glowing and blinking fairy lights are on the market, which can be wrapped around bushes and pathways in the garden to light the way, white being the most popular colour for weddings.


Exotic Plants

In order to create an enchanting garden for your special day introduce more potted plants outside to arrange a busy and exotic foliage of palm trees, banana plants and yuku plants.

If you have any ornate pots use them to display potted flowers and pay attention to trimming bushes or lawns. An unused archway in your garden could be decorated with a bouquet of flowers to create a floral arbor. Create your own luscious garden of eden.

UBC Botanical Garden, Nadia hung photography

Vintage Lawn Games and Props

It is a fun idea to set up a few light amusements for guests upon arrival in your wonderland garden. Having someone on hand to oversee games such as Throw The Hoop, Croquet, or Hook The Duck is a great idea.

Create a traditional set of matching lawn games with signs directing guests from one to another.



You can add a great deal of character to your garden with large props and elements of theatrical sets such as giant deck chairs, circus backgrounds, giant frames, large chess sets and various other ornaments and antiques.

You could beg, borrow or rent these articles to make your garden into a quirky paradise.



Bring Your Best Furniture Outdoors

Having the contrast of a fine dining room table with a beautiful table setting against the green foliage of the garden, really adds an element of magic. A chandelier hanging from a tree or a chaiselong amongst the rose bushes makes the garden seem luxurious, quirky and romantic.

If you have any ornate wooden cabinets to display the wedding cake on or welcome drinks on or use antiques and the best family crockery to be a functional part of the celebration.


Create a Tent Den

Why not create a bohemian chill-out area at the bottom of the garden, hire a teepee or a yurt and fill it with cushions and throws so that guests can take a moment to relax and chat about the wedding day. Your guests will be sure to enjoy this intimate feature of your garden wonderland.

The tent den could be a place to leave a message bottle for your guests to write you a word of advise or to wish you well.


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