24th April 2017

Bespoke Rings – Crafted By Us, For You

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Bespoke rings are a brilliant way of setting your wedding apart from any other one that has ever taken place. You might have a similar dress, venue and car to someone else, but nobody will ever have the same wedding ring as you if you opt for a bespoke wedding ring, which is why many couples are choosing unique rings, tailor made for them only.

Our unique ring service includes having rings made completely from scratch to your ideal specifications, as they are designed to fit precisely to your finger. We also make any minor alterations that you may want, to ensure that they are completely perfect for you.

In our very own workshop we can create almost any design of engagement or wedding ring you want. Whether you have a sketch, picture or just an idea in your head, if you let us know then we can start on creating exactly what you want.

There are a practically unlimited number of alterations and specifications you can give our highly skilled craft team, such as adding or removing diamonds, or changing the multi-coloured items or cut-outs. All of these factors will be considered when we supply you with a cost estimate – and one that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with!


The cost of your bespoke ring will be even less if you choose a ring from our shaped wedding rings selection but want to have more or fewer fittings within the ring than it is originally sold with.

It usually takes us around three weeks to complete your bespoke ring, from the final design being approved to having it delivered to your door. The cost is, obviously, varied depending on the type of precious metal and number of diamonds, but we will not charge you for any consultations during the design stage of the ring.


A quote is always available from our bespoke team and will be provided at no charge at any point in your communications with us, so don’t hesitate to get in touch, send us pictures and ask any questions you want at [email protected].