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Is Black Zirconium the new Gold?

We have found a large increase in interest in our unusual range of black zirconium rings. This popular non-precious metal is an interesting alternative for people looking for a darker coloured ring or contrasting laser design patterns. This page will give you a brief understanding of the metal and why people are wearing black wedding rings.

What is Zirconium?

Zirconium is a grayish white metal that is rarely found in the wild, it has the chemical symbol Zr, Zirconium metal is used in core nuclear reactors because it is corrosion resistant and does not absorb neutrons.

What is Black Zirconium?

The finish is achieved by putting zirconium through an oxidisation process: The zirconium is heated for several hours and it reacts with the air to create a hard, black, coating of zirconium oxide. This black finish is then polished to a high shine, or can be made into a matt finish.

Zirconium black metal is a rare metal that exceeds Titanium, made from Zirconium oxidation to blacken its surface, because of its heat-resistant properties, Zirconium is used in many industries, including nuclear reactors and spacecraft, as well as rings that enhance the impression of cutting edge , and high-flavored elegance.

The benefits of having a Zirconium ring?

Zirconium is great for wedding rings because it is durable and has a strong resistance to corrosion.  It is non-toxic – so much so that it is often used in fillings and other dental work – so is a great metal for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Black Zirconium is a fine choice for a wedding ring if you want something more contemporary (black).

What kind of designs do we offer?

We offer plain black zirconium rings in varying widths and in either fine matt or polished. We also offer a collection of Black Zirconium wedding rings including decorative finishes with a half black and half natural look and some are also set with diamonds. We cannot offer bespoke rings with any design that you like in this metal as it is not malleable enough. If you are looking for matching zirconium rings we do offer ladies versions in some of the rings, which drop down to a 3mm width.

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Where can we ship these Zirconium rings to?

We offer free worldwide shipping on our non-prescious metal rings, and our lead-time for manufacturing these rings is around 3 weeks. Once your order is posted it will arrive at the customs office for your country, they will contact you to take a payment for importation tax. The amount charged by customs on import varies with the country of destination and the value of the item.

The best way to find out exactly how much you will be charged is to contact the customs of your country directly and let them know the value of the item, the weight (it will usually be less than 0.5kg) and that it will be transported by FedEx from the UK.

If you are ordering a zirconium ring from oversee’s then please make sure that you are certain of your UK sizing, which we can help you with. We have found in the past that resizing these rings can be costly due to handling fees and postage, so it is best to get the size right the first time if you can.


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If you have any questions at all about our designs or placing your order with us then please call 01273 696 515 or email us [email protected] .


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