7th January 2022

Bridal Health: 5 Ways to be Healthier For Your Wedding

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As a bride you will be inundated with articles screaming at you to improve yourself. Lose weight, change your lifestyle, go on a diet, or hundreds of other things to prepare for your wedding. Bridal health always seems to be weight and aesthetic focussed. While it is your choice if you want to embark on any of these things, we think it is important to look after yourself in the run up to your wedding. Putting undue pressure on yourself to plan the perfect day or look a certain way will only lead to stress. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all couples enjoyed their wedding planning and found it a breeze? With that in mind, here are 5 ways to be healthier for your wedding that keep the focus on you.


Start a Hobby That’s Just for You

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You might be thinking that you cannot possibly take on something else right now. But in order to get your bridal health on track, it is so important to carve out some time in the week for yourself. We are using the term hobby very loosely here. If you want to learn how to throw a pot, or go to life drawing classes then great! But if you want to get seriously into getting your nails done then that is fantastic too. Puppy yoga, weekly karaoke with a friend, or a book club. It is not about the what. All that matters is that you get the chance to spend time with yourself.


Write a List of What You Are Excited About in Marriage

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Wedding planning can be overwhelming. This is probably the most money you have ever spent at once aside from buying houses and cars, plus the largest event you have ever overseen. Thanks to all of this stress it can be easy to lose sight of what you are working towards. A really lovely way to keep grounded is to keep a journal. This can be a really simple thing – no need to write reams and reams if that’s not your thing. But if you take some time every day or every week to write down a few things that you are looking forward to for when you are married, soon enough you will have a happy little notebook full of hope and inspiration. This way whenever you feel stressed, grumpy, or unappreciated you can look back at what you have written and remind yourself what you are working for.


Go to Therapy

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Perhaps this is a bit deep, but if you don’t already we think all adults should be going to therapy. Good bridal health starts in the mind. And yes, mental wellbeing is a process which takes our whole lives. But, it is never a bad time to start. Having a therapist to vent to will be so helpful! It keeps you mindful and can help with the stress of wedding planning. It will be so valuable to have a safe space to air any frustrations you may have. Being a bride can often feel like everyone in your life suddenly has an opinion on what you should be doing. Having a safe person to talk to will be really useful for getting back to what YOU want.


Move Your Body in a Way That You Enjoy

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While we don’t advocate for crash dieting and endless cardio to slim down for a wedding, we do advocate for the healing power of a fun work-out. Much as we hate to admit it, it does turn out that the endorphins from doing an exercise that you enjoy can really boost your overall mental health. Plus it is important to move your body for physical health too. Don’t go for something because it promises to change your body. If you find an exercise you like and want to carry on doing, then it is not just your bridal health that will improve; you will have made a healthy lifestyle change without even trying which will benefit your body for years to come.


Do Something Charitable

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Wedding planning can get very…insular. Of course, it is your special day and it should be about you and your partner. However, it can be healthy to take a step back and remind yourself of the wider world out there. That’s why we advocate charitable giving or action as a cornerstone of bridal health. The perspective is always helpful to stay grounded. Whether it’s volunteering, or portioning off some of your pay cheque for Go Fund Mes, giving a little bit back will always help you feel connected to the wider world.