25th April 2022

How to Buy a Wedding Dress for a Large Bust: 5 Top Tips

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Anyone who shops in the DD+ section knows that the difficulty in shopping doesn’t stop at underwear. It can often feel like clothes are all cut to fit those with a flatter chest! So often something which looks great on the hanger can end up fitting really oddly on a curvier figure. Sadly, bridalwear is no exception! If you are looking for a wedding dress for a large bust and have no idea where to start, we have compiled a guide of tips and tricks to make shopping a bit simpler. Remember, you are gorgeous and there is the perfect dress out there for you!


Styles to Consider

wedding dress for a large bust

There are certain dress styles which tend to flatter a bigger chest more than others. All bodies are different, so if you find these don’t work for your or your taste don’t panic! This is simply a suggestion.


For necklines, look for sweetheart, scoop neck, square neck or subtle v neck wedding gowns. A sweetheart neckline will really frame your bust, while allowing enough coverage. This way you can wear a good bra underneath. Scoop and square necklines are really flattering and won’t dip too low. In these, you can have the perfect amount of cleavage on your big day. If you’re looking for something a little more daring, then a subtle v neck gown will add that wow factor. The right cut will still allow for a plunge bra underneath.

If support is what you are after, then the first thing you need to look for in a wedding dress for a large bust is a corset. Corsets are the only style of bodice that will provide enough support on their own for a heavier chest. They also have the added benefit of looking amazing! Corsets also do not need as many alterations for a perfect fit.


Other factors to consider are straps. While many wedding dresses do come with cups sewn in, we as large busted people know that this will do precisely nothing for anything over a C cup. A dress with sleeves or thicker straps will allow you to wear a well-fitting bra underneath. This is vital so your chest can sit happy and contained all day. Sadly this also means that low or illusion backs are out of the question – although that’s probably something you already know. The fashion trend for backless summer dresses has certainly been the bane of my life while shopping over the past few years.

If you are worried about your large bust overpowering the rest of your figure, then consider a full-skirted gown. This will create a balanced silhouette and draw focus to your waist. I think large chests look fantastic in fitted dresses too though – so go for what makes you feel good.


Styles to Avoid

Personally, I don’t think any dress is “wrong” for any type of body. However, if you’re looking for comfort there are a few styles which will provide less than others. For example, something with a very high neck can be a less than ideal wedding dress for a large bust. The fit is really tricky to get right. Often, these gowns can often have a flattening affect which is uncomfortable and less flattering.


Low v and halter neck styles can really accentuate a larger chest and look amazing. However, you might find that choosing underwear to go underneath them is challenging. I’ve personally learned the hard way with halter necks after wearing a bikini for a day and ending up with a friction burn on the back of my neck. (Boobs are heavy – if you know, you know). If your heart is set on this look, you might want to find the bra first. Wear it around for a day. If you feel comfortable for the whole day then go ahead with the dress!


In a similar vein, strapless or spaghetti-strap dresses while gorgeous may not offer enough support. Now, if the gown also has a corset bodice then it could give enough support from below to negate the straps. I would advise jumping around a bit in the fitting room. You’ll feel silly, but it’s good to make sure everything stays comfortably contained before you commit.


5 Top Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress for a Large Bust

wedding dress for a large bust

1 – Buy the Bra Before You Go Shopping

The foolish man built his house upon the sand, and so it follows we need a good foundation before we shop. (Sorry, I know I’m just being silly now). Bras are mostly ghastly and uncomfortable. You must make sure you have a good one for your wedding day, lest you’re miserable all afternoon because of a dodgy underwire. Make sure you get professionally fitted, and definitely go for function over style. You can get a less practical one for the wedding night…


2 – Consider a Bespoke Dress

If you have a specific vision in mind, then why not get a bespoke dress. It is unfair that being blessed in the chest can limit our buying options, but it is unfortunately a reality. You might find that custom dressmakers are the best way to get everything you want out of your wedding gown. You’ll also have the added benefit of having a totally unique dress.


3 – Consider a Reception Dress

If you decide to go for fashion over function when it comes to your wedding gown, a great idea is to have a fun reception dress waiting in the wings. You can choose something shorter, looser, or more casual to slip into between the cocktail hour and dinner. Not only will this make for a fun surprise for your guests, but you can be totally comfortable to dance the night away.


4 – Check the Boutique/Designer Can Cater to Larger Busts

Once again, it is frustrating that this is the case. But many designers simply do not carry cup sizes above a certain size. Before trying on a gown, make sure your bridal consultant has checked if the dresses can be made for a larger chest. It would be heart-breaking to fall in love, only to find out that the designer can’t make a wedding dress for a large bust.


5 – Remember That Straps Can Always be Added

Ahh, our saviour, straps. Any good wedding dress store or designer should be prepared to make alterations on a gown. This should include having options for thicker straps, or to add straps where there are none. You can even add sleeves to gowns! The key is to ensure that you are in love with every aspect of your wedding dress. Remember, the dress is working for your body – not against it.