26th November 2021

How to Curate the Ultimate Wedding Hangover Kit

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If you are planning on serving alcohol at your wedding party then it stands to reason that at least some of your guests will be suffering the next day. Enter the wedding hangover kit!

The wedding hangover kit is essentially a grown-up party bag for your guests which includes some choice items to make the morning after a bit more bearable. They are usually given out to your guests on arrival to your venue: for example, placed into their hotel rooms. this way you can ensure that they will have everything they need right when they need it the most.

This is not an essential addition to your wedding, but it is certainly a nice way to let your guests know you kept their needs in mind. It’s also a sure fire way to ensure that everybody is on good form for the wedding breakfast the morning after.

So what makes up a wedding hangover kit? We have rounded up our top suggestions of things you should include.

Wedding Hangover Kit Essentials

Here’s the top 5 items your wedding hangover kit MUST contain:

  • Paracetamol: No hangover kit is complete without some pain relief to soothe your aching head. We recommend paracetamol over ibuprofen as it is more gentle on the stomach after drinking.
  • Bottled water: Needless to say there is no worse situation than being hungover, dehydrated and far away from your first sip of sweet sweet water. Keep your guests happy by putting one right by their bedsides.
  • Some form of indigestion relief: Weddings traditionally include lots of rich food and drinks, so it is safe to say the hangover tummy will be real the day after. Keep everyone comfortable for the wedding breakfast by providing indigestion relief.
  • Mouthwash or gum: It goes without saying that this will benefit everyone. No stale morning breath should enter your presence as a newlywed!
  • Make up wipes, or baby wipes: Wipe away the sins of the night before… these are handy for touching up a smeared, slept-in make up look so at least from afar you might look freshly done up.

Once you have the basics laid down it’s time to get creative! Your wedding hangover kit can be as intricate or as simple as you like – it’s up to how much you want to spend.


These are the items you could realistically add to your hangover grab bags without breaking the bank, and your guests would be grateful for every single one of them

  • A sugary or salty snack: Even if you are planning on serving everyone breakfast, it is always safe to assume a hungover person will be in need of sustenance. Salty snacks help provide re-hydrating electrolytes while a sugary snack will give your guests a boost. We suggest going for something on the moist side rather than dry and crunchy.
  • An electrolyte drink or sachet: The ultimate hangover cure. Use science to perk up your guests!
  • Vitamins: For when the sight of a glass of orange juice makes you queasy.
  • Mini deodorant: Let’s face it, not everyone will have the chance (or the moxie) to shower the morning after your wedding. Best to give everyone a fighting chance with a mini scented deodorant.
  • Hand sanitiser: Really this has become an essential for any event.
  • Lip balm: Chapped, dehydrated lips will be begging for some TLC. Opt for something really hydrating and in stick form so no-one has to deal with lip balm-y fingers.
  • Stain remover wipes: If you are serving red wine at your reception, or anything in a sauce, you need to include these.

Fun Extras

Definitely not necessities, but there is absolutely room for humour in a wedding hangover kit.

  • A cheap pair of shades: Not only will these protect hungover eyes and heads from the wrath of the sun, but everyone will look hilarious in their matching shades in the morning. Make sure you snap a few “morning after” photos to enjoy the memories later.
  • A mini bottle of spirits: Controversial, but sometimes hair of the dog is the only answer. Maybe pop some Bloody Mary mix in too.
  • Personalised “I’m hungover” wedding t-shirts: This is silly and frivolous but if you’re having an all-weekend affair then why not go all out. Then for years to come your friends will have a shirt that says “I was hungover at James and Lisa’s wedding” to wear to the gym. Classy!

Luxury Items

These items are definitely non-essential and would absolutely push up the budget of your wedding hangover kit. But hey, we can dream!

  • Posh skincare minis: For when the antics of the night seem to have aged you 5 years. Think hydrating serums, a sheet mask, and a caffeinated eye cream.
  • Mini-make up essentials bag: Nothing would bring me more joy than to find a flattering cream blush, a mascara and a tinted lip balm waiting for me in a hangover goody bag.
  • A personalised coffee keep cup and coffee voucher: Make the drive home bearable with a fancy new cup and a voucher for a delicious coffee.
  • Silk sleep mask: More for the night before or to prolong the hungover lie-in, these would be a godsend for exhausted guests.
  • A spa voucher: Look, we did say luxury. This is particularly apt if your venue has an in-house spa. Treat your guests to a massage, a facial, or a mud wrap to ease the pains of the hangover.