9th October 2017

Until death do us apart…Halloween Special

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With Halloween slowly creeping up on us we’re featuring a few spooky and nontraditional weddings we found on the Off Beat Bride website.


Woodland Wedding

This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before! A Halloween wedding with completely organic and nature-inspired decor. Click here for more photos.



Wiccan Wedding

This Quebec couple went for a fantasy and medieval theme with lots of fire. Click here for more photos.



VooDoo Donuts Wedding

Pac Man, donuts, sequins and an LED dress. What’s not to like! Click here for more photos.



Halloween Wedding

This spooky wedding will get you in the mood for dressing up. Click here for more photos.



RPG themed wedding

Erin and Ross are as you can see in to fantasy genre of books/movies/TV shows, as well as comic books, cosplay, and RPGs (role-playing games). Click here for more photos.