11th May 2017

Decorations check, flowers check…6 weeks left!!

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In the time leading up to the wedding people have asked me if I’ve been feeling stressed or I’m panicking about anything but to be honest everything has slotted in to place very nicely. This might be because we have amazing friends that are very happy to help!

This week is all about decorations and flowers. As I said in an earlier post our reception venue is already decorated with carousel themed accessories such as carousel horses so we are going to to keep both decorations and flowers pretty simple.

Since we’re getting married over the Swedish Midsummer festival I want to incorporate a few traditions from this day (not just snaps and silly songs). One of my favourite midsummer traditions is ‘A midsummer night’s dream’:

Unmarried girls collect seven different flowers and places them under their pillows to dream of their future husband. So fingers crossed we’ll find some of these flowers to put in the wild flower centrepieces and flower garlands as pictured above.

My lovely friend Carla who has just started a floristry course – how very convenient for us! ♥ – has offered to give us a hand with flower decorations and bridal bouquets. Another friend, Becca, has been on second hand shop duty for months looking for vintage glass vases for our centrepieces. And my future sister-in-law Louise is helping us with the cake(s).

To put another Swedish twist on the day we have chosen to serve a Swedish dessert buffet rather than a big wedding cake. This will be a feast both for the eye and the belly! Louise is helping us make a Swedish Summer cake with berries (pictured below), Rhubarb and Sour cream Panna Cotta and the famous Swedish Princess cake. Can’t wait to dig in to these sweet treats!!

Photo: cookiesndreams

Other than we’re having a few pretty balloons spread out and that’s about it. There a so many great ideas out there but I think less is more in this case so I’m trying to rein it in. I have however listed a few more favourites below to give you some inspiration if you’re planning your big day or just a big party.


Rose Gold Wine Bottles

DIY level: Simple! Start by soaking some empty wine bottles until the labels come off. After they’re clean and dry, spray paint each bottle with at least two coats of metallic pain.



Brass Geometric Centerpieces

Check out how to make these cool Brass Geometric Centerpieces here.


Sparkly Baby’s Breath

Whether you want to add a little sparkle to plain glass vases or why not your bridal bouquet grab a can of glittery spray paint and coat some baby’s breath. A quick and easy way to add some glamour to your decorations.


Teacups and Lanterns

Both teacups and lanters make super simple but cute centrepieces!


Upside down wine glasses

Another simple but very clever idea are wine glasses. Keep flowers and candles white/green for an elegant touch or splash out on the colours to make your centrepieces pop!