27th April 2017

8 weeks to go…it’s DIY time!!

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Wow, where has time gone?! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we booked the bandstand and started planning our special day. It’s now only 8 weeks left and it’s time to get a wriggle on. This week I’ve been making place cards.

With such a beautiful reception venue – there’s carousel horses hanging from the ceiling and a carousel themed bar in the middle of the room – I want to keep the decorations quite simple and came across this cute idea for our place cards on Pinterest.

All you need is following:

  • Ink pad
  • Letter stamps
  • Blank business cards
  • Multi coloured mini pegs

From here it’s a very simple affair. Stamp the names of your guests and leave to dry.

I would recommend getting a waterproof permanent ink pad to make sure the ink dries and doesn’t smudge. (I learnt this the hard way after making ALL place cards with normal ink and they were still smudging a week later)

Clip your place cards to the glasses on the table with chosen mini pegs and voila…you’re done!

Scroll down for some more clever ideas


1. Printable Pop Up Place Cards


You could make these in to little boats for a seaside wedding or a forest for a winter wedding.

Instructions here.


2. Ferrero Rocher Place Cards


Everyone loves a chocolate! Buy your personalised Ferrero Rocher place cards here.


3. DIY Marble Place Cards


These place cards look super sophisticated and you can make them yourself. Here’s how.


4. Glitter Place Cards


I love all things glitter so these are a winner for me! Instructions here.