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How To Find Your Partners Dream Engagement Ring

Our aim is to help you find the perfect engagement ring to suit your partners taste so that they will enjoy wearing it forever!

The process of choosing the ultimate ring can be overwhelming if you look at the variety of designs that are available. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of styles, anything from classic solitaire rings to alternative black engagement rings and a helpful bespoke service.

Our Managing Director Anthony has 35 years experience in the jewellery industry and has seen couples from all over the World in his showroom.

He has imparted his knowledge of rings onto the staff at Wedding Rings Direct and we are here to help!

Choosing A Style To Suit

A classic choice would be a Solitaire engagement rings generally have a single stone in the centre of the band.

There are different stone shapes to choose from such as princess cut (square stone), brilliant cut (round stone), and fancy cut diamonds such as emerald, marquise, heart and oval cut diamonds.

A Trilogy engagement ring generally has 3 diamonds of equal or similar size.

We also have a collection of Vintage style engagement rings inspired by the Victorian and Georgian era of sparkle and glamour whilst allowing you to choose your exact specifications.

Cluster engagement rings are vintage inspired, you’ll find beautiful daisy-style diamond designs and art deco cluster styles in this collection.

Choosing A Metal

Our rings are offered in a variety of different metals, which can change the appearance of your ring design in colour and weight. The metals that we offer differ in their specifications such as durability, finish and price. Perhaps look out to see if your partner already wears jewellery of a metal or pick a colour that would suit their skin tone.

If you need more information then please read our Buyers Guide

Understanding Diamonds

Buying diamonds is a unique experience in that the only diamonds on the market are those that have been able to be mined and cut to suit their inherent characteristics.

Colour is a very important attribute of a diamond. The colour grade refers to how colourless or “white” a diamond is.  As a colourless or “white” diamond allows more light to pass through it (much like a window), it means they emit more sparkle and fire.

Due to the natural diamond formation process, it means that only a hand full of diamonds are truly colourless, making colourless (white) diamonds rarer and therefore the most valuable. Diamonds with colour grades towards the Z (yellow) end of the scale should not be confused with ‘yellow diamonds’, which are a separate commodity with their own characteristics and grading scales.

Diamonds can be Cut into many unique shapes as seen below, which can give your ring a distinguished personality.

Diamonds have natural blemishes in their make-up. Minerals or fractures form these tiny faults, or inclusions, while the diamond is formed in the earth.

Inclusions are ranked on a scale of perfection, or clarity, which ranges from FL (No visible characteristics under magnification) to I (Characteristics visible with the naked eye). This grading method rates diamonds on the size, nature and positioning of the birthmarks and requires an expert eye to assess.

You can find plenty of helpful advice about diamonds in our Buyers Guide.

Our Workshop

We use traditional methods of manufacturing the majority of our Wedding, Engagement and Eternity rings which are handcrafted in Brighton by our in-house jewellers and diamond-setters. Manufacturing all of our rings to order and working closely with our workshops ensures that our customers receive a lower priced ring tailored to their own personal specifications without any compromise on quality.

Browse our range of engagement rings here  www.weddingrings-direct.com/engagement-rings

 Sandcast  Engagement Rings

Beautifully designed sandcast engagement rings are perfect if you are looking for something individual. The sparkle of the diamond and the roughness of the ring helps to accentuate the design. Due to the organic design and unique way of making this ring, each ring will vary slightly to the image shown.

Bespoke Service

We can design a unique piece of jewellery specifically for you. Our in-house jewellery designer, Kim Hall works with you using your ideas to create something especially for you.
We will need an idea of metal type, size, images and extra design details.

The development of your design may include CAD design, once the final design has been agreed we will start making your bespoke piece.

For more information please email us : [email protected]

Unique Rings

There is no right or wrong when deciding what style of ring you would like to propose with as all of the rings on our website are sold in unisex sizes.  We sell Black Zirconium Rings with a diamond if you are looking for a contemporary style or Celtic Rings for a timeless statement piece.





Our Showroom

You can come and see our jewellery showroom in Brighton, East Sussex for a personal shopping experience. Where you will have the chance to try on sample rings to find your perfect size, width and style. We have a variety of engagement rings to see including, vintage, halo and trilogy rings.

You will have the chance to discuss your jewellery needs with an expert in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.

If you would like to book an appointment with us then please email as we would love to hear from you: [email protected] or call 01273 696515


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