13th October 2021

The 5 Foods You Shouldn’t Serve at a Wedding

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Choosing your wedding catering is so exciting. You get to go to food tastings, and most importantly you get to serve your favourite dishes on your special day. All this excitement can get to your head sometimes and result in overly niche or bizarre choices. You have to remember that you will be serving your guests as well as your top table! For this reason, we have put together our list of the five foods you shouldn’t serve at a wedding.


1 – Messy Food

foods you shouldn't serve at a wedding

We’re talking crabs in their shell, sticky ribs, spaghetti with red sauce. Any foods you wouldn’t order on a first date, are foods you shouldn’t serve at a wedding.

Don’t make your guests dress up in their finery and then serve up a meal that could ruin it all! And consider your white wedding dress…


2 – Exclusively Mini Meals

foods you shouldn't serve at a wedding

Whilst canapes are an elegant addition to a wedding menu, they absolutely should not be the main event. This is especially important if you are serving alcohol at your wedding! Keep canapes to cocktail hour and make sure you provide a substantial meal for your guests as well. This way everyone can enjoy the day with no risk of hangry outbursts, or overindulging on drinks.


3 – Massive Meals

foods you shouldn't serve at a wedding

Clearly the opposite problem to the mini meal issue, but a huge meal during the middle of the event is only going to make everybody feel sluggish and sleepy. We suggest serving snacks at cocktail hour, followed by a light-medium lunch and a third fun meal in the evening for an all day event. Think food truck, pizza cart, or club sandwiches. Anything you like to eat after a few drinks! This way guests can feel full and satisfied all day long without blowing the food budget early on.


4 – Common Allergens

foods you shouldn't serve at a wedding

Peanuts, sesame, shellfish and celery are all foods you shouldn’t serve at a wedding. Obtaining allergy details from every single guest is a big headache, and people may bring plus ones without disclosing these issues beforehand. Take no chances and choose a menu that steers away from common allergens. Often people with allergies can enter anaphylaxis by just being in proximity to their triggers. This is not worth the risk on your big day.


5 – Anything too “Out There”…or Boring!

foods you shouldn't serve at a wedding

Admittedly this isn’t the most specific advice. But remember that you are serving a wide range of people and you need to please everyone as much as you can. Aside from when it is culturally relevant to you, leave things like raw fish, offal, and snails to date night. Take inspiration from the chef’s specialities and choose a dish with comforting elements that will appeal to a wide audience.

Avoid being too traditional. We have all been to too many weddings that have served up the exact same chicken or beef dish. It’s possible to mix it up without going too wacky.

Some ideas for an original but crowd pleasing menu could be: a selection of fresh pastas; a choice of mini pie and mash; build your own burritos.

Of course, your wedding is your big day so it is ultimately up to you whether you choose to take any of this advice. We stand by allergens and anything else dangerous as foods you shouldn’t serve at a wedding, but everything else on this list is just our opinion. As long as you stick to your budget and have an amazing day that is truly all that matters.