16th March 2017

Our in-house-bride’s countdown to the BIG DAY

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Hi! My name is Mika. Swedish bride-to-be living in Brighton, UK. I’m also the newest member of staff here at Wedding Rings Direct.

In this blog you can follow my road to the big day – which is 100 days away from today!!! I will be posting about all the preparations, theme, venue etc.

But first – here is the story of how I ended up in England.

I moved to Brighton in February 2011 after meeting my fiancé Dan in 2010. Dan and I met deep in the Swedish forest whilst celebrating Swedish midsummer (the longest and brightest day of the year). Apparently no one does midsummer like the Swedes. For an explanation of what goes on follow below link:


Me being from the northern parts of Sweden and Dan being born and bread in Brighton, it’s funny how we got to meet each other. Dan’s older brother moved to Sweden over a decade ago. So Dan had been going over to visit him nearly every summer for the midsummer celebrations before our paths crossed in the summer of 2010.

I was meant to celebrate with friends on the west-coast but the party got cancelled a few days before. Not having anywhere to go I spoke to a friend who invited me to the same party she was going to. Little did I know when accepting that this would be the place where I met my future husband. We were placed next to each other at the traditional sill-lunch (a buffet of pickled herring, potatoes boiled in dill and lots of snaps – about as Swedish as it gets)

As lunch went on we started talking about music and it turned out we were in to the same sort of thing and off it went.

We spent a lovely weekend together and at the end of it I was asked to come visit Dan in London the following month. I said yes and was greated with five-star hotel and dinner reservation in Islington. The month after that we met at a music festival I had booked in Liverpool with my brother and mum. Dan got the train up and joined us, what a great way to meet the family!

So after meeting in June we spent 8 months flying back and forth to see each other before I decided to make the move to Brighton. It’s now been just over 6 years and I’m still as in love with this city as I am with Dan and couldn’t be happier to get married here on June 24th. More about the venue in my next post.





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