24th June 2019

How to Find Your Ring Size

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Finding your ring size sounds like it should be simple, but unfortunately fingers can be very tricky to get the measure of! There are several reasons why finding your ring size can be difficult. Firstly, rings are circular which means that the way in which sizes incrementally increase isn’t straightforward. Secondly, fingers change! The temperature, time of day, and even what you ate for dinner the night before can impact the size of your finger on any given day. Thirdly, there is no industry standard for ring sizing. This is because there are a few different accepted ways in which to measure a ring, and different jewellers favour different methods. The final piece of the ring size puzzle is the ring itself. Due to friction, the width and profile of your chosen band can heavily impact how it will fit.

Despite all of these potential minefields, buying your wedding rings should be straightforward and fun. We’ve got a whole range of options to help you get past these difficulties.

Here is our best advice on how to make the best of our services to ensure you get perfectly fitting wedding rings:

Order a Free Ring Size Gauge

We send out free ring gauges so people can get an idea of their approximate finger size. These come in the form of a little plastic belt-like strip, which you wrap around the finger and tighten. The ‘belt loop’ will fall at one of the ring size markings.

Ring gauges are sent by 2nd class mail and are usually with you within a few days of filling in the form on our website. Please be aware that we are only able to send these to our UK customers.


Try on Some Samples

The ring gauges are really great for getting an idea of finger size, but they are just plastic and therefore malleable. They also might not give you the exact size needed if the ring you’re thinking of buying is much wider, deeper or thinner than the gauge. Wider bands displace more skin, so you’ll often find you need a slightly bigger size.

Our try-before-you-buy service means you can try on up to ten silver rings at home, in a range of sizes based on the result from the ring gauge. The samples are measured by the same tools as our ‘real’ rings. They are also the same profiles. Once you try samples, you’ll then be able to order with confidence in the ring fitting and being comfortable.

Samples are also a great way of choosing between different widths, depths and profiles if you haven’t got that far yet in your decision making process . You can find more information on the sample service here.


Order Your Ring!

You can now order your wedding, eternity or engagement ring with the confidence that it will be the right size.

Make Use of Our Resizing Service

Over the years you will be wearing your ring, there’s a chance you might need it to be resized. Whether it’s due to pregnancy, beefing up in the gym, or losing those few extra pounds; finger size can fluctuate just like rest of you. Our resize service is straightforward and inexpensive. We keep the price to you in line with the cost to us.

Precious metal rings can generally be resized up or down at least 5 sizes without compromising the integrity of the ring. Titanium, Zirconium, and Steel rings can be trickier. often we need to remake these rings in place of resizing them. We offer one full remake of these styles per customer at the price of a resize. Tungsten carbide rings cannot be resized, and must always be remade.


Not sure if you’ve got enough time to go through all these steps to choose, order and receive your wedding rings? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call for sizing advice.