22nd December 2021

Is a Large Wedding Right For You?

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Deciding on what size wedding you will have is key to beginning the wedding planning process. It is important that you and your partner discuss everything you envision for your big day. You need to come to a compromise on what kind of event best fits those criteria. If you both have a big group of friends and family then a large wedding may be on the cards. Read on for our tips and tricks for hosting a large wedding, and to discover if it will be right for you.


What is a Large Wedding?

A large wedding will include a guestlist of around 150 guests and up. In the UK a large wedding would usually mean around 250-300 guests. However, in some cultures it’s normal to have anything from 500-1,000 guests.

It is up to you whether or not all of the guests will be present for the entirety of the day. You could have a smaller group of guests for your ceremony and it would still be considered a large wedding.


The Benefits of Having a Large Wedding

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The luxury of a large capacity venue and a big guest list is that nobody gets missed off. You can invite all of your friends and family, as well as the people you feel obligated to invite. There is even room here for plus ones if that’s your preference. The benefit here is that no one can possibly be offended or hurt, and everyone gets to boogie with you. And while it’s not about this at all, you are sure to receive a mountain of wedding gifts.

The other benefit is that you will properly feel like the centre of attention and stars of the day. Nothing compares to walking out in front of a huge crowd in your wedding finery. Such a large guest list will ensure that your big day really feels like a party. Your guests will certainly remember your wedding day for years to come.


The Possible Downsides of a Large Wedding

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Obviously, the biggest factor to consider when you are planning a large wedding is the cost. More guests means more moths to feed, more alcohol required, a larger cake, more favours, and the list goes on. You will also be limited on venues. You will need to make sure your chosen venue has the appropriate capacity for your event.

Logistically it is also much more difficult to wrangle a large group of people. From everything to wedding photos to staying on schedule, a bigger group of people will make everything harder.

Finally, while being the centre of attention may appeal to you, you will find it difficult and stressful to try and give every guest some of your own attention on the day. You may find yourself feeling pulled around a bit as you try to greet all of your guests. It is important to factor this in, as you will also want to spend as much time as possible with your new spouse!


Our Tips for Throwing an Amazing Large Wedding

  • Hire a wedding planner. This is a non-negotiable for a large event. The planning process can be extremely stressful, so is best left to a professional.
  • If budget allows, make it a multi-day event. This way you can guarantee having enough time to devote to all of your guests.
  • Opt for live music. A Spotify playlist won’t cut it with such a large crowd, and it’s a sure fire way to make your wedding feel like a festival.
  • Offer plenty of food options! We recommend having several planned meals throughout the day, including snacks, lunch, and an evening meal of some sort. There is nothing worse than feeling hungry as a wedding guest.
  • Set aside some devoted couple time. It is so easy to lose track of what the day is about when you have so many guests to entertain. Remember to spend time with your new spouse and really enjoy each other’s company.