19th September 2021

How to Plan a Literature Themed Wedding

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Bibliophiles rise up! Themed weddings don’t have to be tacky, you can base your special day around anything that makes you tick. For brides, grooms, and lovers who love everything written why not choose a literary theme for your wedding day. From sci-fi to Jane Austen, to Rupi Kaur to Lord of the Rings there are hundreds of gorgeous and classy wedding options to make a book-lover’s heart sing. Here is our list of grown-up ideas for a literature themed wedding.

The Venue

There are so many ways to go when choosing a venue for your literature themed wedding. Perhaps you would like to choose a venue that featured in the film adaptation of your favourite book, or a place mentioned in the novel. This could range from a stately home, to a castle, to a museum, to a park so your options are endless. Harry Potter fans can get married at the scenic Alnwick Castle, a primary filming location for the films.

literature themed wedding
Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Many filming locations for films such as the Harry Potter series, Downton Abbey, and Pride and Prejudice are all kitted out for weddings and available for venue hire. A Jane Austen lover might choose to marry somewhere in the city of Bath.

Bodleian library literature themed wedding
The Bodleian Library at Oxford

Another incredible option for a wedding venue would be a library. Old and prestigious libraries are often as decorative and ornate as churches. Some fantastic options in the UK are the Bodleian Library at Oxford, the Signet Library in Edinburgh, or the Stanbrook Abbey library in Worcestershire to name but a few.

The Dress

Choosing the perfect gown for your literature themed wedding can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Do you want to remain on theme and dress according to your most beloved character? Or, will you choose something simple and romantic to match your venue?

literature themed wedding dress
We love this bride’s subtle nod to Belle in Beauty and the Beast

The good news is that there is no wrong answer! Themes can be as loud and as subtle as you like, so choose a style you are comfortable with. A beautiful, subtle way to nod to your literary theme would be to have your favourite quotes embroidered into your dress or veil. Check out Rosie Red Corsetry for custom dresses and veils with embroidered quotes.

The Rings

As with dresses, rings can express your theme in so many ways. It is up to you how much you want the theme to echo through every aspect of your wedding. A Twilight fan might look for an oval diamond cluster ring to match the engagement ring from the books. A Harry Potter fan may love the way this trilogy ring (below) resembles a golden snitch.

literature themed wedding rings
Trilogy ring with an oval flanked by trilliant cut diamonds

Engraving adds so many options for creating your dream literary themed ring; You can also have your favourite literary quote engraved inside or outside of the ring! Lovers of fantasy will adore these bespoke laser engraved Lord of the Rings style rings. The Elvish script is available on the inside or outside of the ring. It is up to you how accurate you wish to be to the ring from the book. Unlike the ring of power, the text in these rings is a heartfelt romantic message rather than the evil language of Mordor.

literature themed wedding rings
Solid gold wedding rings with bespoke laser engraving in Elvish

The Invitations

Ahh stationary, every book lover’s dream. Wedding invitations are a fickle friend. They set the tone for your whole wedding so you want them to be right, but they can cost huge amounts of money! Luxury stationary may not be in the budget for every couple! And ultimately they are made to be eventually thrown away, so is it really worth spending all your hard-saved cash on them?

For couples with time on their hands we love a DIY wedding invite. Why not scour charity shops, libraries and schools for old, damaged books headed for the bin and use their pages as the bases for your homemade invites. This is so eco friendly, cost-effective, and right on theme.

literature themed wedding
Damaged books can make an amazing eco friendly paper source for DIY wedding details!

You can even use the leftover book covers to make centrepieces, place markers, or a guest book!

The Details

The devil really is in the details when it comes to your literature themed wedding. Here is where you can really have fun and put in all of those little nods to your favourite book!

We love the idea of using chapter names, or place names as table identifiers. You could even include a poem for every guest as their place setting.

For food, why not include some iconic dishes from your favourite stories. A Jane Austen wedding wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the “exemplary vegetable” the potato, and a Harry Potter wedding would be bereft without the offering of a treacle tart.

literature themed wedding
We love this regency style wedding cake for a Pride and Prejudice wedding

There are so many expert bakers who can make themed wedding cakes from the very subtle to the utterly fantastical. There are even companies who make customised cake toppers of you and your partner in costume.

The best part about a wedding, aside from getting married, is that it is your day! Remember that your opinion matters most. Make sure you have no regrets, and that you let your taste and love shine through as the main feature of the day.