25th February 2022

Lost Engagement Ring? Here’s the 7 Things You Need to Do

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A lost engagement ring is any bride’s absolute worst nightmare. Such a small item holds so much value and sentiment! You think it’s never coming off, but eventually you will wash your hands or hit the gym. There are so many ways in which an engagement ring can be lost, so it’s good to prepare for the worst.

If you have lost your ring, do not panic. Follow these 7 easy steps and hopefully you will find your ring along the way.

First things first, try not to panic.

Take some deep breaths, centre yourself, and keep calm. You’ve got this.

Next you need to determine when the ring was lost.

Did you notice it on your hand this morning? Or has it been a few days since you last saw it? This is key to deciding where to look in the next step.

Re-Trace Your Steps.

Where have you been today? Call every venue you have been to during the time period when you think the ring was lost, including restaurants, pubs, the gym, and work. If you got a taxi anywhere give the firm a call too. There is a good chance that your lost engagement ring was spotted by a member of staff or a kind member of the public, and is safely waiting to be picked up.

If you have no luck with phone calls, it is best to physically retrace your steps. This means taking the same routes between places that you walked and checking on the ground just in case. You can enlist your friends for this if you want – the more watchful eyes the better. Try and remember where you sat in bars or restaurants so you can give those areas the most attention, but don’t forget to check the loos!

Make a Plan of Action.

Perhaps your ring was washed down the shower drain, or fell into the sink while you were washing up. Instances like this require professional assistance. Give your plumber (or relevant handyman) a call right away.

File an Insurance Claim.

This is better to be done sooner rather than later. Indeed, within 24 hours of losing the ring is best. Hopefully you have bought an insurance policy for your engagement ring. However, you may find that it is covered by your home contents policy if you lost it in the house. If you find your lost engagement ring in the meantime you can simply cancel the claim.

Contact Your Jeweller.

There is a good chance that the jeweller from which the ring was purchased may have another in stock. Otherwise they will certainly be able to provide you a quote for a remake. Some jewellers may even offer you a discount as a returning customer, particularly if you explain your predicament to them!

Get a Temporary Ring.

This will be more important to some than others, but many feel naked without their wedding or engagement ring on their hand. A dummy ring is a great thing to have in your jewellery box anyway. You can use it when travelling, or when you expect to be getting your hands dirty. You could even borrow the ring of a loved one if you would prefer a sentimental piece.