30th July 2021

Matching a Shaped Wedding Ring to Your Engagement Ring: Solitaire Edition

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Your partner has finally popped the question, you’ve got the engagement ring and it is the ring of your dreams. You never want to take it off! So this begs the question: plain traditional band or shaped wedding ring?

There is no right or wrong answer, only you can decide what works best for you.

Why a Shaped Wedding Ring?

Shaped wedding rings work really well for brides with awkwardly shaped centre stones or settings. They also work great for people who plan to wear their engagement ring full time as they are made to fit snugly and avoid too much rubbing and bumping between the engagement ring and wedding band.

The other factor to bear in mind is the look. Some people prefer the versatility of a plain wedding band that can be worn alone, and do not mind if there is a slight gap between the wedding band and the engagement ring. For others, this gap is an absolute no no!

So How Do You Go About Choosing a Shaped Wedding Ring?

This is a bit of a difficult question to answer because when it comes to engagement rings there really are endless styles and shapes to choose from. For this post we will be sticking to solitaire style rings, but look out for another post on trilogy rings later on!

The first question you must ask yourself is how do you want the ring to fit. Would you like the ring to blend in with your engagement ring or would you like it to add a bit of *spice*?

The next step is to appraise your engagement ring and decide which aspect of the design needs to be taken into account when fitting the shaped wedding ring. This might be the centre stone, or it might be the setting itself.

The third aspect to take into account is the setting. Is it low profile, or high. Will it accommodate some metal overlap or is it flush to your finger?

Finding a Shaped Wedding Ring For Brilliant Cut Solitaires

The classic brilliant cut solitaire, while simple, can still be challenging to fit a ring around.

platinum brilliant cut solitaire

This brilliant cut solitaire is cathedral set so has some nice height to the stone. It would work with a plain band. A shaped ring could really enhance the simple ring and dress it up. We love it with this diamond set twist ring, which would fit nicely around the curve of the stone while adding a bit of sparkle to the ring stack.

shaped wedding ring diamond set twist

This gorgeous rose gold solitaire  has the diamond set in between two twisted bands and supported by a small bezel.

rose gold twist engagement ring with brilliant cut diamond

The challenge with this style of ring is to find a shaped wedding ring that has the right amount of curve to nestle nicely into those beautiful organic shapes. We offer a whole range of wedding rings that are cut to fit curves either to the left or to the right. Something like this curved wedding ring would fit beautifully with this type of solitaire.

shaped wedding ring cut to fit curve

Concerned about the curve of your ring? Why not make use of our ring sample service to try a few options before you buy!

Finding a Shaped Wedding Ring For Princess Cut Solitaires

Princess cut diamonds are gaining popularity again recently due to their sleek lines and hall of mirrors reflective quality. As long as you know the dimensions of your stone, these are much easier to fit a shaped wedding ring around.

platinum princess cut solitaire

There are however options for how you want the finished result to look. This square cut shaped wedding ring is designed to leave a band of precious metal visible around the bottom edge of your diamond.

square cut wed fit shaped wedding ring

This square cut out ring is designed so that the centre stone of your engagement ring fits snugly into the notch on the top edge of the ring. It should then resemble a traditional wedding band when your rings are put together, just without the gap.

square cut out shaped wedding ring

Finding a Shaped Wedding Ring For Fancy Cut Solitaires

Fancy cuts are back with a vengeance as more and more couples opt for a less traditional engagement ring. We absolutely love the way fancy cuts look on all finger types. Flattering as they are, fancy cuts are some of the hardest to match a shaped wedding band to. But we’ve got ya covered!

platinum solitaire engagement ring with pear cut diamond

This pear cut solitaire is a stunning example of a fancy cut engagement ring. Traditionally worn with the point of the pear facing outwards, this is the easiest fancy cut to match with a shaped wedding ring. This ring would look great with a shaped wedding ring with a gentle curve, such as this one.

gentle curve shaped wedding ring

Marquise diamonds are universally loved for their elegance and lengthening properties on the finger. However, matching a shaped wedding ring with them can certainly be challenging!

platinum marquise solitaire

We love a marquise solitaire framed beautifully by a v shaped wedding ring. We offer a good range of v-shaped rings specifically designed for elongated shapes like marquise. For the ring above, we think this v-shaped ring would be a perfect match.

v shaped wedding ring

Emerald cuts might be the most popular fancy cut this decade. Celebrities from Amal Clooney to Jennifer Lopez have all opted for this classic cut and kept it a firm favourite for modern proposals. We love the timeless yet understated elegance of this emerald cut solitaire.

platinum emerald cut solitaire

Similarly to princess cuts, emeralds can sit nicely into a square shaped wedding ring. However we love the sleek lines of an emerald cut and think they look best paired with a plain straight wedding band.

What If I Can’t Find What I’m Looking For?

Choosing your wedding band is an extremely personal and important experience. Only you can know what is right for you and what works with your style. If you still are unsure on what you want, why not try our bespoke service for a truly unique ring?