23rd March 2017

The next chapter – our proposal story…

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Our official date of getting engaged is 13th of October 2011, but what most people don’t know is that we had it planned for a little while longer.

In September 2011 we went to the Shakedown festival here in Brighton. Dan picked an eyelash from my face and asked me to blow it and make a wish. I know you’re not meant to tell anyone what you wish for but I did anyway. I told him that every time he’s made me do that I’ve wished that we will get married one day. His reaction was: – Really? Let’s do it then!! A high-five sealed the deal.

(Kind of looks like Dan’s wearing the ring, but that’s my hand!)

We told one of Dan’s friends but asked him to keep it to himself as we didn’t have a ring yet. Dan’s birthday was coming up a month later so we decided to get a ring and make it official then.

There has never been a rush to plan the actual wedding and so we went on several long holidays rather than saving up a wedding budget. But now, six years later the big day is just around the corner.


One of many greats thing with me being from Sweden and Dan from England was that we had to have two engagement parties. One in each country!


Me and mother-in-law Iris at Hartington Pub in Brighton

Dan with family

Dan with my dad and granddad at our party at Matvarufabriken in Stockholm

Me with friends Lillemor, Louise and Malin


With 13 weeks to go all the plans are starting to come together nicely. Over the next few weeks I’ll share more on our venue, honeymoon plans, accessories, DIY projects and of course our rings.

Stay tuned!!