14th May 2022

The Post-Wedding Checklist: 14 Things to do After Your Wedding

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When all the excitement of planning and the day itself is over, it can be quite overwhelming to know what to do with yourself after your wedding! We have put together the ultimate post-wedding checklist to take the struggle out of your after wedding admin. Of course not every item on this list will apply to you. You may find you need to add a few more that are specific to your needs.


What is a Post-Wedding Checklist?

Your post-wedding checklist is simply a list of tasks that should be completed soon after your big day. This can vary from couple to couple. It really depends on your choices and what kind of wedding you had. Feel free to print this list out to help keep you on track during the weeks after your wedding.


1 – Check the Venue

Even if you did a thorough clean up job, there is always a chance that something was left behind. Alleviate this stress by giving the venue a call or a visit. Not only do you risk losing sentimental or valuable items by not checking with the venue, but you may also be charged an extra clean up fee.


2 – Pack for Your Honeymoon

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Type A couples need tot apply, as I am sure that you packed weeks ago. For others, the next exciting step after saying “I do” is preparing to go on your honeymoon. This is a great way to beat those post-wedding blues. Plan your outfits for every day of adventure! Selecting the fragrances and swimwear you want to bring, and any other honeymoon activities too can be exciting. This item on your post-wedding checklist is best not left to last.


3 – Sort Out Your Wedding Outfits

If you are planning on keeping your wedding clothes either as a memento, or as an heirloom, or even to be worn again they should be professionally cleaned soon after your wedding. No matter how careful you are, once the champagne starts flowing at your reception you are bound to have the odd spillage. Plus, all the dancing and hugging will probably have left your outfits less than spotless. This is a vital step to take before putting the clothes into storage.

Storage is also an important part of this stage of your post-wedding checklist. Plan how you want to store your outfits based on your intentions for them. For example, a dress being kept as a memento may go into a frame, while a future heirloom should be correctly boxed away.


4 – Write Your Thank You Cards

If you do one item on this post-wedding checklist, let it be this one. It is so vital to let your loved ones know how much you appreciate their gifts. Likewise, it is polite to send thank yous to your bridal party for all of their contributions. Doing this as close to the wedding as possible will ensure that your happy post-wedding glow shines through in every card you write. It will also mean you have no chance of forgetting which gift came from whom.


5 – Legally Change Your Name (If You Want!)

Not all couples still stick to the traditional marital name change. However, if it is something that you do want to do then it should be taken care of fairly quickly. The process itself can be a little boring, so getting it out the way will allow you to relax and enjoy married life.


6 – Notify All Relevant Parties of Name/Title Changes

Again this is boring, but so important. You need to update your passport, HMRC, and your bank to name just a few. Getting this crossed off your list will make your new status feel way more real, which is a lovely way to look at it.


7 – Get Your Will in Order

Whenever you go through a big life change, it is important to review your will. It is vital to ensure that it is still correct. Some people choose to do this prior to the wedding, but if that’s not you then now is the time!


8 – Update Numbers & Addresses

If your wedding also coincides with you buying or moving into a new home with your partner, then you can use this time to update your address and contact details with all relevant parties too. This will save you time in the end as you can do this while updating your name or title.


9 – Make a Wedding Album

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A fun one! There is almost nothing more exiting (other than the day itself) than your wedding photos arriving. Set aside some time to sit down with your partner, relive all of your treasured memories, and decide which ones you want to display.


10 – Return or Exchange Any Unwanted Gifts

Even with a gift registry, you will be guaranteed to receive one or two unsuitable presents. Assuming your guests provided a gift receipt, getting these gifts returned or exchanged should be a super simple process if done immediately. Leaving this one for too long could mean you are stuck with some things.


11 – Donate or Repurpose Wedding Décor

Sadly weddings create quite a large amount of waste, and it is up to the marrying couple to decide if and how they wish to alleviate that. Thankfully, you will find that lots of places accept wedding décor as donations. This is particularly true of table floral arrangements, which can be donated to hospices for their residents. If you purchased larger decorations, you can try donating these to schools, or theatre prop departments.


12 – Take Down Your Wedding Website

Next up on the post-wedding checklist is to cancel your wedding website. These are usually subscription based, so you don’t want to be paying for it any longer than it’s needed. If you’re feeling sentimental, take some screenshots so that you can have a lasting memory.


13 – Review Your Suppliers

As with any industry, the wedding industry relies on real customer reviews to keep going. If you really enjoyed the services your vendors replied, then the best thank you you can give them is a well-written 5* review. Think about the things you looked for when reading reviews to select your vendors, and try using those as a jumping off point.


14 – Relax & Enjoy Your New Marriage

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Phew. After all the wedding admin, the excitement of the day, and even this post-wedding checklist, you have earned some r&r. It is time to enjoy that just-married love bubble.