15th September 2021

So You’re Planning to Pop the Question… Proposal Advice for All Partners

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Proposing in 2021 can be a minefield. Gone are the days of a simple candlelit dinner and a ring, nowadays, depending on your partner, you may have to consider making the proposal instagrammable, Covid friendly, and most of all original. So if you are feeling lost an in desperate need of some proposal advice, settle in and listen to our top tips for getting it just right.

If You are Proposing to… an Instagram Fanatic

Insta-worthy proposals are all about having that visual wow factor. You definitely need to plan in advance to make sure that the setting is just right. If you are planning on proposing outside, try and aim for early evening for that golden hour light.

Definitely set up a secret camera on a tripod to ensure you get the whole thing on video! A friend in the know who is handy with a camera would work just as well. Otherwise you can hire photographers for special proposal packages. Show your partner you care by doing some test shots of the set up before the proposal.

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Getting the set-up right is key, so do your research. Does your partner prefer a glamorous aesthetic, or a more rustic approach? There are companies available for hire who will set up a dreamy proposal setting for you which may be worth looking into if you have the budget. If DIY is your style, we recommend lots of fairy lights, a beautiful white picnic rug, champagne and candles for a beautiful proposal setting.

Finally, our best piece of proposal advice for an instagram proposal is to make sure you are both dressed the part. Tell your partner you are going on a glamorous date so that they are well prepared for the momentous occasion. They will thank you later!

proposal advice emerald cut engagement ring
Emerald cut engagement ring

If You are Proposing to… a Nature Lover

Nature proposals are fantastic, because they can be very low key whilst also having a huge impact. Depending on your partner’s taste, you can choose to take them on a hike; to a beach; to a zoo or botanical garden; or to a sentimental spot that is meaningful to you. Think carefully about what it is they love about nature, and choose somewhere that appeals to their taste.

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Make sure that if you are going on a hike or long journey to propose that you have an extremely secure pocket or bag in which to keep the ring. You wouldn’t want to ruin the romance by having to frantically search for it before getting down on one knee!

Plan a show-stopping end to the day, such as ensuring the hike ends at a lovely hotel or restaurant, or a beautiful campsite for you to celebrate at.

Finally, make sure you bring a camera to document your special moments!

proposal advice engagement ring with hand engraved floral shoulders
Engagement ring with hand engraved floral shoulders

If You are Proposing to… an Artist

There are so many beautiful ways that you can nod to your partner’s artistic side when popping the question. For a hands on artist, why not arrange a date to a pottery painting café or a life drawing class. You could incorporate the proposal into the piece of art you create, giving them a memento to treasure forever (aside from the ring of course).

For an art appreciator, why not propose in front of their favourite painting at a gallery.  Most galleries are free to enter, so this is a really budget friendly option. Not only does this make for a stunning backdrop to your proposal, but it also shows that you listen to your partner and take an interest in what they like which is super romantic.

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Top tip: try to choose an off day for the gallery, an early morning or a late evening time to do this to avoid a crowd. There is nothing that applies more pressure to a proposal than a large crowd of strangers watching on!

As with all of our proposal advice, these ideas can be tailored to your partner and their likes and dislikes. You will know the best what will make their heart soar and get you that yes!

engagement ring with vintage style diamond set shoulders proposal advice
Engagement ring with vintage style diamond set shoulders

If You are Proposing to… a Homebody

If you partner hates social activities and prefers the comfort of their own home you can still make a beautifully memorable proposal happen!

Why not secretly take the day off work, and spend the day cleaning the house from top to bottom. Set up the table with a beautiful table setting with lots of flowers, candles, or any other things your partner will adore. You could cook a delicious meal, order in a fancy takeaway or even hire a private chef for the evening depending on your budget.

If you have pets this is the perfect type of proposal to involve them in. Perhaps your dog could carry the ring, or wear a “will you marry me” shirt.

proposal advice

This kind of quiet proposal would also work wonderfully in a secluded hotel room with room service, so have a think and decide what would most appeal to your partner before you make the final decision.

proposal advice brilliant cut diamond engagement ring
Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring with the diamond set low in the band

General Dos and Don’ts of Proposing


  • Take plenty of pictures and videos
  • Have a plan for the evening
  • Take your partner’s taste into account
  • Ask their boss for them to have the day/day after off work so you can surprise them with a lie-in
  • Write down what you want to say beforehand in case of nerves


  • Go for a super public proposal
  • Propose in front of your or their entire family
  • Put them in an uncomfortable situation just for the wow factor (such as skydiving etc) unless they are as adventurous as you
  • Tell everyone in your life you are planning to propose before you do
  • Propose on Christmas, their birthday, or at someone else’s wedding

Of course, all proposals are unique to the happy couple and you should choose what to do based on you and your partner. Always take any proposal advice with a pinch of salt, and be prepared to change your plans at the last minute based on your partner’s response. Remember that all that really matters is your love for one another. Don’t let social media fool you, a proposal does not have to be a flashy event and it does not have to cost the Earth.