1st May 2018

Q&A with our in-house-bride

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Hi everyone, my name is Mika, Customer Service Advisor here at Wedding Rings Direct. If you have followed our blog for a while you might have read my posts in the lead up to our big day. If not, and you are now curios you can find the posts here. This week I’m answering some questions that have popped up since I got married to my husband Dan last summer. ūüôā

How does it feel, now that you’re married?

Honestly, we don’t feel much different to how we felt before the wedding. We had been together, and also lived together, for seven years before we got married so we’re used to each others company and as every couple we have ups and downs, but it’s great feeling agreeing to share life with your best friend.


How long was your engagement?

We secretly got engaged at the Shakedown Festival in Stamner Park in September 2011 but our official date is 13th October 2011 as this is when I received my gorgeous engagement ring (which has now been replaced twice – read more about that here)


What was your number one priority during wedding planning?

We wanted a special yet relaxed day so we made sure to not plan too many things during the day (ie no three course breakfast or lots of activities in the afternoon) We also wanted the wedding to have that Brighton feel, having the ceremony at Brighton Bandstand and then later a reception in a fish & chip shop really helped with that. 

What was the best part of planning?

I loved ALL of the planning. In fact, this year has felt really quiet as I’m not caught up in Pinterest boards or looking for the perfect dress anymore.¬†Luckily a very close friend is getting married in August this year so I will get my wedding fix.¬†


What was your biggest concern or worry?

This picture makes me laugh as I’m looking sooo concentrated. The biggest concern for our wedding day was always going to be the weather as we opted for an outdoor wedding. We ended up with a pretty grey and windy day but not much rain so we consider¬†ourselves lucky!

What is the best piece of advice you can give?

Whatever you do, make sure you fulfill your own dreams and expectations for the day, and not someone else’s. There are no right or wrong’s when planning your wedding. If you want to skip the cake, skip the cake! If you want to ditch the traditional white dress, do it! Concentrate on yourselves and make it the best day for you as a couple. You will cherish¬†this day forever, I promise!