18th February 2022

35 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Baker

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The wedding cake is the crowning glory of your wedding feast. It will appear in loads of wedding photos, and will possibly be the last thing your guests eat at your wedding. Not to mention, traditional couples will want to save the top tier to eat on your anniversary. So, this is proving to be a rather important dessert!

Wedding cakes are pricy too, with costs ranging from a few hundred to thousands of pounds. There are so many options for flavours, styles, fillings, shapes, and looks, that it is really important to have a clear vision in your mind before committing.

The most important aspect of your wedding cake is who makes it. You can have all of the Pinterest boards in the world, but if you put your money and trust into a baker who doesn’t share your vision, or doesn’t have the necessary skills or work style to give you what you want then you will be disappointed. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of “must ask” questions for your potential wedding cake baker.

Before You Commit:

Before you sign on the dotted line it is important to know as much about the baker and their business as possible. Make sure you are thorough! Avoid being taken in by someone who is more inexperienced than they are letting on. They could be a 5* baker, but if they are not used to working towards wedding deadlines they might not be the one for you.

  1. Ask how long they have been in business, and what their training and background is.
  2. Find out how  many wedding cakes they make a year.
  3. Ensure you get all of their licensing and insurance information.
  4. Ask how many cakes they expect to deliver on the same day. Then you can ascertain their efficiency and the likelihood that your cake will be held up.
  5. Find out how soon before the wedding the cake will be baked. No one wants a stale wedding cake!
  6. Check how they plan to store the cake before the wedding.

    The Cake Itself:

    The fun part! Almost anything is possible with a wedding cake, so don’t settle for anything less than your dream dessert.

    1. Get a full run down of all flavours, fillings, toppings and soaks that they offer.
    2. Find out if there is a set menu of flavour combinations or if you are able to mix and match.
    3. Ask which flavours are their most popular, and if there are any they offer that are exclusive or special to them.
    4. Find out where they source their ingredients.
    5. Do they offer vegan/gluten free/nut free options? Do they use separate work surfaces for allergen free cakes?
    6. Ask if the tasting is included in your overall fee. If not, make sure you find out what the cost will be ahead of time!
    7. Some tastings are a sit down with the baker where you are able to discuss every aspect of the cake in person. However, others are simply a chance for you and your partner to sit and try each flavour. Discuss which option you feel would be right for you, and then find out which kind this baker is offering.

    The Visuals:

    Making sure it looks the part should be next on your list. If you’re only looking for a rustic naked cake, or a simple white column then this is something that plenty of bakers will be able to execute well. However, if you have something more intricate in mind then it is so important to do your research beforehand. Also, bear in mind that the finish does impact the flavour. For example, fondant is a bit of a crowd divider, so while it looks incredibly polished and crisp it may alter the taste of your chosen fillings.

    1. Ask to see a portfolio of previous designs so you can get a feel for their style.
    2. Find out if you can request a custom design, or if the baker has a set list of options.
    3. If you have an idea in mind ask if they can recreate it.
    4. If you don’t have any idea in mind, ask if they can help with inspiration! Just let them know your budget and preferences first.
    5. Ask about their preferred finishing styles: do they use buttercream, fondant, or other methods? Do they make sugar flowers or decorations themselves?
    6. If you want to use real flowers on your cake ask if they will be willing to work with your florist.
    7. Ask what size and shape each tier and the cake should be in order to feed your guests.
    8. Finalise how the cake will be displayed. Many bakers will rent you cake display equipment such as cake stands for an additional fee. Familiarise yourselves with these costs too.

    Cost Breakdown:

    As we already mentioned, a wedding cake is a very expensive cake. The sheer number of worked hours, skilled workers, ingredients, and logistics that go into the cake need to be paid for! You need to ensure that you know exactly what you will be paying for. You don’t need any nasty financial surprises later down the line.

    1. Ask how cakes are priced, and if the baker has a minimum spend.
    2. Find out the full breakdown of any additional costs, such as delivery, cake stands, toppers, etc.
    3. Does the cost include VAT?
    4. Ask what percentage of the final fee is made up of the deposit. When is this due to be paid?
    5. When is the final payment due?
    6. Familiarise yourself with their refund and cancellation policy.
    7. When should we expect to receive a contract?

    General Logistics:

    As with everything on your wedding day, there is a whole host of individual logistics involved with the wedding cake. It is best to get these hammered down as early as possible to keep your mind free for everything else!

    1. If you plan to save the top tier for your first anniversary, you need to find out if it is safe to freeze the cake. Ask how is best to do this, and ask if they will provide a box for you to do so.
    2. How are any rented items to be returned, and what is the deadline.
    3. How long is the lead time for a wedding cake and when should it be ordered.
    4. Find out if you can alter your design after the order is placed. What is the deadline for this?.
    5. What delivery services does the baker offer?
    6. How do you deliver the cake?
    7. What happens if it is damaged in transit?


    Committing a part of your wedding to a vendor is always nerve wracking! It is a big chunk of your hard earned cash, and an important part of your special day. Ask all of these questions and you can be as sure as possible that your cake will be exactly how you imagined.