8th December 2018

How to make a recycled wedding ring

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Recycling is, of course, a massive issue these days, and there are even websites out there dedicated to having a ‘recycled wedding’. We often get asked whether we can recycle a family heirloom or other item of jewellery to make a new pair of wedding rings. Not everyone’s motivations are green though – people often want to reuse an heirloom for sentimental reasons, or simply to save money.

Here’s a quick guide to making a recycled wedding ring:

Option one: We can get our workshop to melt the ring down and reshape it as a new ring. It’s such a romantic idea, but we’ve never yet had the chance to carry it out! This is because it’s so time-consuming for our lovely workshop that it would cost far more than the cost of buying a new ring. This is a big shame – we really want to see it happen in practice – so please let us know if you want us to get a quote for you!

Option two is for us to take your ring and add it to a batch of metal, from which the new ring can be cast, along with many others. This is a great middle-ground, but if you’re going down this route for sentimental reasons then be warned – we can’t guarantee what proportion of your old ring will be in the new one. I may as well also tell you now that, if you’re looking to save money, the cost of administering this process probably means the ring will cost more than it would do new.

The third option is green, straightforward, and can save you significant amounts of money. It won’t mean that any of Great Aunt Ethel’s ring will end up on your finger but it will soothe the conscience of the eco-conscious. We start by weighing your old jewellery, and giving you a quote for its value as … if I may dare I say the ‘S’ word … scrap metal. We’ll take this value off the cost of your new wedding ring, which will be made and sent to you in the normal way. The old ring will be passed to our workshop with our other unused/waste metals, and added to future metal casts. This means that less gold has to mined for the next batch of rings, thus restoring the sustainability of your wedding ring purchase!

Precious metals are unique in that they can be recycled over and over again, with no decrease in quality. Even if you don’t have any old jewellery or a ring to send into us, recycled material is used in most of our gold and other precious metals, which are then used to form your wedding rings.