11th August 2021

Matching a Shaped Wedding Ring to Your Engagement Ring: Trilogy Ring Edition

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It’s the post you’ve all been waiting for: the shaped wedding ring guide part two! Today we will be tackling trilogy rings and how best to find a shaped wedding ring to fit around them.

Trilogy rings are a classic choice for people who want good finger coverage from their engagement ring. Nothing beats the sparkly impact of three gorgeous stones, and the addition of side stones can really accentuate the centre diamond.

Despite their beauty and desirability, trilogy rings are notoriously difficult to pair a wedding band with. This is because rather than having one stone to contend with, you now have to work around three stones with different dimensions. Let’s have a look at some ways you can work around this and how best to match a band to your trilogy ring.

Why A Shaped Ring?

Shaped wedding rings work really well for brides who can’t abide a gap between their engagement ring and wedding band. They are designed for those who plan to wear their engagement ring full time. A shaped ring will fit snugly, therefore avoiding any friction or bumping between the engagement ring and wedding band.

You have to decide what kind of look you prefer. Some enjoy the versatility of a plain wedding band. They can be worn alone, and with the engagement or eternity ring for different looks. For others, this versatility does not outweigh the unsightly ring gap!

So How Do You Go About Choosing a Shaped Wedding Ring?

This is a bit of a difficult question to answer because when it comes to engagement rings there really are endless styles and shapes to choose from. For this post we will be sticking to trilogy rings, but look out for our previous post on solitaires.

First and foremost: how do you want the ring to fit? Would you like the ring to blend in with your engagement ring or would you like it to add extra pizazz.

Secondly: examine your engagement ring. Decide which aspect of the design needs to be taken into account when fitting the shaped wedding ring. Is it the centre stone, the side stones, the shape of the setting itself.

Finally: turn your ring to the side and examine the setting. Is it low profile, or high. Will it accommodate some metal overlap or is it flush to your finger?

Finding a Shaped Wedding Ring For a Brilliant Cut Trilogy

The most simple of the trilogy rings we will look at in this post, the brilliant cut trilogy ring can still cause some issues when trying to find a shaped wedding band to match.

Trilogy engagement ring with round brilliant diamonds

This gorgeous ring is made with three diamonds set into crossover collets, allowing the maximum amount of light to reflect inside the stones.

While the stones are all similar sizes, the side stones do taper from the centre stone, leaving a slight curved shape to the ring.

shaped wedding ring with gentle curve

Rings like this pair the best with a shaped wedding ring with a gentle curve to it. We love this style with this gently curving ring. The ridges on the shaped wedding ring give the illusion that the metal has gently crumpled to give it that shape, giving it an organic and contemporary feel. This really enhances the chic elegance of the trilogy ring.

Finding a Shaped Wedding Ring For an Oval Trilogy Ring with Pear Shaped Side Stones

Ovals have exploded in popularity over the past few years due to Hailey Bieber’s monster 7 carat engagement ring. The fancy cut is valued for it’s elongating effect on the hand and ability to look larger than a round diamond of the same weight. Paired with pear or trilliant side stones, the oval makes a gorgeous vintage inspired trilogy ring.

Trilogy engagement ring with a large oval diamond and pear shaped side stones

This oval and pear trilogy ring is a great example of how side stones can enhance the cut of your centre stone. To pair a ring like this with a shaped wedding ring, it is important to evaluate how much your centre stone spreads down from the main shank.

In the case of this ring, the oval drops down significantly while the side stones do not. Because of this, it would pair the best with a shaped wedding ring with a more enhanced centre curve.

Shaped wedding ring with thriple cut out curve

This shaped wedding ring would be a perfect fit. Notice how the shaped portion of the ring has three cut out curves, with the most pronounced in the centre. The Cut outs either side are also important as they will allow for the metal that makes up the setting for the side stones.

Finding a Shaped Wedding Ring For a Twisted Trilogy Ring

Twist set trilogy rings have been a popular style for the past three decades. The dainty way the metal wraps around the stones is super flattering, as well as having an illusion effect making the stones appear to float.

Trilogy ring with round brilliant diamonds in a twist setting

This twisted trilogy ring is a classic example of the style. The diamonds are claw set to allow the maximum amount of light refraction through each stone. The shoulders are elegantly wrapped around the stones to give a floating appearance. The twists are reminiscent of waves, so the ring has an ethereal look.

shaped wedding ring right hand curve

To pair with a twist trilogy ring, your best bet is to select a shaped wedding ring with a curve that follows the shoulders of the engagement ring. This shaped wedding ring curves to the right, perfectly contouring with the curved shoulders of the twist. The pointed indent should slot around the edge diamond.

Finding a Shaped Wedding Ring For an Emerald Cut Trilogy Ring

Emerald cuts are enduringly popular with their hall of mirrors appearance. Setting them as a trilogy enhances this effect and makes the most of finger space for a ring with good coverage.

Trilogy ring with rubover set emerald cut diamonds

This emerald cut trilogy ring is one of our original designs. The stones are set with a rubover setting, allowing for complete security from stone loss. Below the rubover setting there has been a gap left, allowing maximum light to pass through the stones.

Without choosing a bespoke ring, it is difficult to fit a shaped wedding ring exactly around an emerald cut trilogy ring. However, a great option would be a wishbone ring.

wishbone shaped wedding ring

So why do these designs work so well together? This wishbone shaped wedding ring is thin and dainty. This is ideal as it will not detract from the engagement ring.  The wishbone ring has a slightly flattened profile on the point, allowing the edge of the trilogy stones to nestle on top of it. The point of the wishbone serves to elongate the centre stone and adds interest without distracting the eye.

You can complete the look later on with an inverted wishbone shaped eternity ring.

Finding a Shaped Wedding Ring For a Contemporary Trilogy Ring

Contemporary trilogy rings can come in all shapes and designs. Once again, the most important factor here is to look at the key features of your ring and base your wedding band around those.

 Trilogy ring with round brilliant diamonds set between a split shank

This gorgeous trilogy has a really contemporary design. The three diamonds are bezel set which is the most secure setting. The shank is slit and the diamonds are suspended between the arms of the shank as if they are floating. We love the strong contemporary design of this piece. It really spreads across the finger, giving lots of finger coverage.

While this ring may look complicated to match with a band, it is actually quite simple. The lower edge of the ring is a smooth, gradual curve. You can match this ring with any of our gentle curve style rings.

twist shaped wedding ring with diamonds

We love this ring with this twisted wedding band. They work together because the large roman set diamonds echo the stones on the engagement ring, and the bold contemporary design matches nicely.

This is a bold look, but the wearer of this engagement ring would be a bold person. Don’t forget to let your personality shine through with your wedding jewellery. These are pieces you will wear and keep forever, so make sure it is right for you.

Finally, remember that all of this is just advice. Only you can choose your wedding ring and what looks right to you IS right for you. If you are still stuck, fill in our bespoke enquiry form here for some advice on a bespoke wedding ring. You can always give us a call and discuss your ring with our jewellery experts.