24th November 2021

What to do for Your Something Blue

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As the old wives tale goes, a bride should walk down the aisle with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This should bring good luck to the marriage. While we know this is just an old rhyme and not actually a magical spell for a good marriage, we think it is fun to nod to these traditions on your wedding day. However if you are stuck for ideas here, do not fear. We have rounded up 10 of our favourite something blue ideas perfect for any style of wedding.


Wedding Dress or Suit

something blue

Okay so maybe a blue wedding dress is a bold choice, but that’s just why we love it! Avoid looking too much like princess Elsa by selecting a deeper blue hue for your wedding gown. We love the ethereal skirt on the one pictured above, but choose a silhouette that feels right to you. Pair it with white flowers and gold accessories for a truly show-stopping bridal look.

Similarly, a blue suit adds a super fresh look to your wedding party. This looks great in rustic settings and on the beach as the gentle blue tone harmonises with the surroundings without looking too stark.

something blue


something blue
Bespoke sapphire engagement ring

There’s a reason why so much bridal jewellery includes sapphires and aquamarines! Jewellery is probably the easiest way to incorporate something blue into your trousseau. If you are lucky enough you might even have an heirloom piece to borrow for your big day.



something blue
Have your partner join in with a fun matching sock for a more irreverent take on this idea

This is such a simple and chic take on the something blue concept. Especially as so many of the white bridal shoes on the market can look a bit naff. Also, they are the least practical shoes ever for almost any activity, and will invariably end up looking destroyed by the end of the day. Blue shoes however? Cute, cool, more stain resistant and bang on theme!

something blue

Gents and masc presenting people can opt for a luxurious blue loafer or maybe even channel Elvis in some blue suede shoes.



There is something so romantic about a length of blue vintage ribbon incorporated somewhere into a bridal outfit. Bonus points if it’s a hand me down piece – then it can double as your something borrowed! Ribbon is great because it can be incorporated in so many ways. It can be tied into your hair, or around your thigh as a garter. You could even use it as a belt for your wedding dress, or a trim on your bouquet.


Wedding Car

something blue

Rolling up to your wedding in style is usually top of the list for planning couples. If a vintage car is on the cards, why not seek out a model in blue? This is such a fun way to incorporate the tradition into your big day, and it will look fantastic in wedding photos.



something blue

There are literally hundreds of different blue blooms top choose from to make your bouquet stand out. Either go for an all over blue look with lots of texture to create visual interest, or choose a choice few blue sprigs to dot artfully throughout. Tie it off with a gauzy blue ribbon to complete your perfect something blue!


Wedding Song

Get creative with this one. You could walk down the aisle to The Moody Blues, The Blues Brothers, Blue Moon, or your favourite blues song. Who says your something blue needs to be a tangible object! People in the know will enjoy your clever nod, and everyone else will simply enjoy the music. It’s a win win.



Why not get cheeky with tradition and opt for a blue lingerie set. It is best to go for a pastel or baby blue if you are wearing white to ensure nothing shows through your dress, but it is definitely doable. This is such a fun twist on the classic wedding lingerie and will be a nice surprise for your partner on your wedding night.



something blue

Blue is definitely bridal, so why not have it on your nails for the big day. Honestly we are a bit bored of nude bridal manis, so a little hint of blue is the shake up we all need. There are so many ways you could choose to incorporate this! You could opt for a chic blue French tip, or a blue half moon design. Keep it simple with some blue dots, or have your nail artist paint on a little evil eye for good luck. You could even have you and your partner’s initials painted on in blue. There is so much room to have fun with this one so let your imagination run wild.


Signature Cocktail

something blue

A bit of a wildcard, but if you are having mixed drinks at your wedding then why not choose a blue signature cocktail. There are so many blue cocktail recipes which would be easily adaptable to suit your palettes, and visually they look incredible. This one will really wow your guests!


Now you’ve sorted your something blue, check out our suggestions for your something borrowed next!