22nd October 2021

Something Borrowed Inspiration for Brides, Grooms, and Non-Binary Folk

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There are so many ways to interpret the old “something borrowed, something blue” tradition. Firstly, it certainly doesn’t have to be reserved for the bride. If you are awaiting your walk down the aisle and need some something borrowed inspiration, here is our list of 9 options for your wedding day.

The Classics

1 – A Dress or Suit

something borrowed inspiration

Stroll down the aisle in your mother’s dress, or the dress of any loved one. If anyone in your family or close circle has a wearable dress, this is a huge privilege! Wearing it will certainly add a sense of tradition to your wedding day.

This works just as well with an heirloom suit. It is a lovely tradition to follow no matter your gender identity.

It doesn’t have to be sentimental – you could also rent your something borrowed outfit. Check sites like Rent the Runway for designer dresses at a fraction of the price.

2 – Jewellery

Take a leaf out of the royals’ book, and wear a piece of heirloom jewellery down the aisle. This could be your mother’s earrings, or your grandmother’s engagement ring. It could even be cufflinks or a tie pin from your grandfather. You might even be lucky enough to have a tiara somewhere along the line to snag for your wedding trousseau.

3 – A Veil

A vintage veil will always have the most beautiful lace and most original detailing. If you are planning to borrow the veil, ensure you take it with you when wedding dress or suit shopping. This way you can make sure it is colour matched to perfection. Also, do take it to your hair and make up trial!

With a Twist

4 – Wedding Car

something borrowed inspiration

Arrive to your wedding in style in a borrowed vehicle. Do you have an uncle who is into classic cars, or a friend who drives a magical hippy bus? This is a really fun way to interpret the something borrowed idea. Just make sure your friend or family member is game! Also, don’t forget to hire a driver  – make sure whoever lends the vehicle can enjoy your wedding as much as you are.

5 – Wedding Venue

An even bigger idea for your something borrowed inspiration Pinterest board could be to borrow a whole venue. This could range from holding festivities in your childhood home, to utilising a friend’s barn. This would save huge costs on your wedding and would provide the perfect, comfortable backdrop for your event.

6 – Party Outfit

If you don’t want to commit to a borrowed dress or suit down the aisle, you could always go for the evening wow factor and do an outfit change during the day. Borrow your best friend’s party dress, or get permission to cut your mum’s dress into a cocktail length. Again, you could rent a designer look for this portion of the day. Why not choose something daring that you would never normally buy.

Out of the Ordinary

7 – First Dance Song

something borrowed inspiration

Did your parents waltz the night away to a particular tune at their wedding? Perhaps a loved one who is no longer with us had a signature karaoke song. This idea is sure to get everyone teary eyed. You could even “borrow” a friend’s voice and have them serenade you for the first dance.

8 – Cake or Dessert Recipe

A really fun way to interpret the something borrowed concept is to incorporate it into your food. If your granny makes an amazing devil’s food cake, or a signature trifle you could use that recipe for either your wedding cake or wedding breakfast dessert. This is such a lovely way to include someone in your wedding day. Its also nice way to show appreciation for their talent.

9 – A Last Name

If you are going down the non-traditional surname route for your wedding, why not “borrow” a new surname. Plenty of couples nowadays are choosing to change their names together. This is either to a double-barrelled version of their existing names, or to something entirely new.

If you are a non-traditional couple who isn’t looking to keep hold of any old family names, then perhaps a “borrowed” surname could be right for you. Maybe you would like to honour somebody who helped you realise who you are as people. Maybe even somebody who helped you when your own family did not. You could even choose a combination of lots of loved ones names!

Whatever you choose to “borrow” on your wedding day, we hope this list of something borrowed inspiration helped you come one step closer to deciding, or gave you some new food for thought!