18th May 2017

Surprise Hen Do – funniest day ever!!

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This week’s post has to be a quick shout out to my wonderful friends in Sweden who managed to organise a surprise hen do when I visited last weekend. I flew in to attend my old BFF Sandra’s 30th birthday.

Not in a million years could I have guessed what was to come. On Thursday morning we went in to town but Sandra had to run off to a ‘meeting’ so my other friend Linda took me shopping quickly before we had to go and collect some ‘jewellery’ she’d bought online.  A small walk later we arrived at a block of flats and got the lift to the top floor.

A door swung open and loud music from The Sounds (my favourite band at the age of 14) was blaring out from the speakers. I was served a glass of bubbles and welcomed to “Mika’s möhippa” – Swedish for hen do – by Sandra plus Karin, Anne and Ulrika, friends I’ve not seen for years!! ♥


Up next was a quick outfit change 😀 I present to you Mrs. Brown Physical no. 1


And then off into town again for a few missions:

  • Make up session (the girls chose all pink make up to match my outfit)
  • Gather 10 male underwear tags
  • ….. (this one I reckon is not to be mentioned on here 😀 )
  • Make a Long Island Ice Tea cocktail at a bar (which turned into a very strong one!)
  • Find “salta sillar” – Swedish salty licorice sweets – in the sweet shop
  • Cook a meal for the girls at Clarion Hotel



I managed to complete all the missions except for the last one. I must admit I got a bit of stage fright when putting all the chefs clothes on and sat down to eat rather than cook the meal for us.


I really did have the best day ever – after the embarrassment of my outfit had died down. And the fact that I didn’t expect it all just added to the fun. Thank you so much for organising and making sure I had a great day from start to finish!! ♥

Now I’m really looking forward to the next hen do in Spain in a couple of weeks. Although I’m a bit scared the girls taken some advice from these ladies and there might be a few more missions lined up when I get there…



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