16th January 2024

How to Throw a 2024 Style Floral Wedding

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Florals for weddings may not be ground-breaking, but the 2024 runways show that flowers are in, just not like you’ve ever seen them before. Leave the babies breath and doily lace in 2023, and look ahead to modern florals which take inspiration from the sculptural shapes of flowers. Think bold, futuristic, and elegant. Your 2024 floral wedding should give more of a sophisticated vibe than cottagecore.


What Do You Need For a Floral Wedding Theme?

The Dress/Suit

floral wedding dress
Three dimensional lace updates a classic style for 2024.

Runways for the Fall 2024 collections in bridal were awash with creative floral designs. For both men and women, flowers were featured as three dimensional appliques bringing texture and lightness to pieces. In womenswear, floral wedding gowns featured lace rosettes which were often oversized. Colour was used playfully, such as with dainty green embroidered leaves. Other gowns took broader inspiration from flowers, choosing to celebrate their form. Bodices were shaped to appear as if the bride was wrapped in the petals of one large bloom. This bold approach feels really fresh ands modern. It is sure to be replicated more and more as the year progresses.

For gender neutral and menswear, the idea of textural flower motifs was extended to the entirety of the piece of clothing. Think airy organza expertly crafted and folded into the shape of flowers to create clouds of soft petals that drape around the body. Textured lace was prominent, as were unexpected details like dainty flower encrusted hair clips. You could even nod to the floral wedding trend by wearing a rosette choker. You’ll remember those from every cool girl’s Pinterest boards last year. This would make a great addition to an after party look.

The Décor:

Floral wedding décor
Using flowers like an art medium to “paint” the walls of your venue helps to create an otherworldly atmosphere.

Look…you know we are going to say flowers. But hear us out, there are so many ways to do wedding florals. No matter what you do, there are trends that will date. You can look to social media to find current floral wedding inspiration. For those with budget to spend, Madelaine Brockway’s infamous Parisian wedding is the ultimate mood board. Brockway covered every venue of her lavish wedding with flowers. Whether it was roses draping down the entire face of the Paris Opera House, to the chic low centrepieces that adorned every table, to the fantasy blooms that covered every surface (including the ceiling) at her wedding ceremony and dinner at the Chateau de Villette, flowers elevated every space.

Florals don’t have to be excessive or expensive to be impactful. Liz Roseberry, known on TikTok as the sister of Daniel Roseberry, creative director of Schiaparelli, chose a more minimalist and meaningful approach to florals at her iconic 2022 wedding. Roseberry sent materials and instructions to make a paper tulip with a golden stem to all of her guests with her invitations. This set the tone for the florals at the main event, which were almost all made from paper. Liz and her husband said “I do” in front of a decades old curly willow branch taken from her Grandmother’s garden. The bride covered it herself with handmade paper poppies. The result is so striking and airy, and works beautifully with the three dimensional floral appliques on her dress. Her groom wore a custom Schiaparelli bolo tie and buttonhole, made in sculptural golden floral shapes.


How to Keep Your Floral Wedding Fresh

floral wedding textural ideas
Flowers made from recycled paper are an environmentally conscious, cost-effective, and uber chic way to bring texture to your décor.

To keep your floral wedding 2024 appropriate, it’s all about texture. Floral wedding trends of the past have been fussy, and a little bit twee. Cottagecore epitomised this, with micro floral prints and wildflowers in jam jars dominating the aesthetic. The 2024 update of the floral trend is much more grown up. Larger, more sculptural flower arrangements are used to reshape and redefine surfaces to create a new landscape. Play with scale to achieve Wonderland-esque surrealist interpretations of classic blooms. If you want to keep your centrepieces understated, choose low height. This can be made interesting with texture and unexpected choices such as herbs and edible flowers.


What Jewellery Complements a Floral Wedding?

Flowers and jewellery are to each other as tea is to cake. That is to say, one is fine without the other but you’ll be much happier with both.

Green fingered brides who chose floral as a theme because they sincerely adore flowers will be charmed by jewellery that takes it’s inspiration from the natural world. Lean into the sculptural aspect of florals by choosing a wedding or engagement ring with hand engraved leaves or petals. The traditional method of hand engraving creates a lot more texture than modern engraving techniques. This results in really striking jewellery. This will wear beautifully over time.

Floral wedding rings
A hand engraved wedding and engagement ring set.

For the groom, wedding jewellery can still be inspired by nature without leaning fussy. Rock style rings take their organic shapes from rugged cliff faces, while sandcast rings are textural in a way that evokes a beachfront walk. Wedding rings with wooden inlays are a beautiful combination of organic material and sturdy metal.