5th January 2022

Trend: All-in-One Bridal Rings

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Over the past two decades it feels like everything wedding related has gotten bigger, bolder, and more expensive. As bombastic wedding trends have crossed the pond from the US we have seen a huge rise in flashy engagement rings and weddings with endless guest lists. However, thanks to Covid, weddings have been forced to downsize across the globe. This has led to a shift in focus for wedding needs, and a growing trend for more meaningful micro celebrations. Along with the shrinking of the wedding itself, we have seen a huge rise in couples asking the same question: do I need to wear a wedding ring and an engagement ring? The answer to this is a resounding no! As a result of this, all-in-one bridal rings which function as both a wedding and engagement ring have exploded in popularity.

So what are bridal rings? They are usually a simple sleek design featuring a small diamond or another gemstone. Their designs tend to be more contemporary and show a step away from the over the top vintage designs which have been dominating the engagement ring market. This minimalist approach to wedding jewellery is uber chic, very affordable, and is set to continue on growing in popularity over the years to come.

With this growing trend in mind, we have curated a collection of rings which are ideal for use as bridal rings. From minimalist to maximalist, there is an all-in-one ring for every style.


Toi et Moi

bridal rings
Round brilliant diamond toi et moi ring

Endlessly romantic, the toi et moi ring style was popularised when Napoleon chose one to propose to Josephine. The style is characterised by a pair of stones, signifying toi et moi. Or you and me in English. These rings are available in loads of different styles from simple to decorative.

bridal rings
Pear cut diamond toi et moi band

Solitaire Style

bridal rings
Brilliant cut cigar band solitaire

Just because you are bucking tradition by only choosing one ring doesn’t mean you need to avoid it altogether! There are plenty of simple rings inspired by the classic solitaire that are perfect for use as bridal rings. The single stone design keeps things understated while the inclusion of diamonds add the right amount of luxury to make it feel special.

bridal rings
Two-tone bezel set solitaire engagement ring

Contemporary Design

bridal rings
Diamond wide slice ring

Without the pressure of needing a ring that can fit with a wedding ring, you can go more avant garde with an all-in-one ring. This is a great way to let your individuality shine through. It is much better to choose a ring you genuinely love than a ring just because it is traditional.

bridal rings
Brilliant cut diamond cluster ring

Unisex Styles

bridal rings
White gold wedding ring with blue diamond

Choosing a combined wedding and engagement ring works really well for all genders. For people who prefer more masculine styled jewellery, there are lots of options for all-in-one wedding rings. We love the inclusion of decorative jewellery techniques and alternative gemstones to really make these rings stand out.

bridal rings
Princess cut diamond ring with bevelled edges

Stand Alone Pieces

bridal rings
Sandcast ring with brilliant cut diamond

Some rings simply need no accompaniment. If you want a piece of jewellery that really speaks for itself, then there is no need to gussy it up with a second ring. The added benefit here is that you can spend a little more on one piece of jewellery without having to worry about budgeting for the second. So get your dream ring!

bridal rings
Halo engagement ring with brilliant cut diamonds