29th December 2021

Trend: Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

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While diamonds are forever, what is in Vogue for engagement rings has constantly changed throughout history. Anybody with an Instagram knows that in 2021 oval diamond engagement rings have taken the world by storm! Now more than ever, celebrity influence is affecting engagements. From Blake Lively, to Hailey Bieber, to Kourtney Kardashian, celebrities have been choosing oval diamonds time after time. This along with their great ability to appear like a larger carat weight than they actually are is making them the hottest new trend in engagement rings.


oval diamond engagement rings
Oval diamond solitaire

A Look at Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval diamonds are a fantastic choice for an engagement ring. The elongated shape of the stone gives a larger appearance to the diamond, so you get more visual bang for your buck! Not only that, but the oval shape is very flattering on the hand. It enhances the length of your finger, making them appear longer and slimmer.


Kourtney wears a rumoured 15-carat oval diamond engagement ring set on a simple pave band. The unbelievably massive rock marks her recent engagement to drummer Travis Barker. We love the simplicity of the design. It really compliments Kourt’s trademark sleek style.


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When Ryan Reynolds proposed to Blake Lively in 2012, he presented her with this show stopping 12 carat blush pink diamond. Rumoured to be worth over $2 million, the oval stone is set on a rose gold diamond set band.

Hailey Bieber’s 6-carat oval diamond engagement ring was apparently directly inspired by Blake’s! The huge stone is set simply on a plain yellow gold band which lets the diamond do the talking.


What to Look for When Buying an Oval Diamond

Oval diamonds are characterised by their elongated shape and 58 sparkling facets. Each oval diamond is a bit different from the last, as they can be shorter, longer, wider or slimmer. Some have more pointed ends, while others are a more rounded shape. The more elongated stones hold slightly more value than those which are rounded. This shouldn’t affect your diamond choice however, as it is down to your personal preference as to which shape you prefer!


oval diamond engagement rings
East-West oval diamond solitaire

The oval diamond cut was introduced by diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan in 1957. Unique and elegant, the cut is difficult to achieve perfectly. Due to this it is important to check your stone before committing to purchase. Oval diamonds can have a “bow tie”, which is the term used for a dark shadow that can appear in an oval diamond. The shadow usually takes the form of two triangles touching in the middle at their tips, hence the name bow tie. This shadow is caused by an inferior cut of stone. This results in poor light refraction within the diamond. The black shadow is caused by light not refracting fully through those areas.


oval diamond engagement rings
Oval cut trilogy ring

As long as you view your stone in full before purchasing, you can always ensure to not purchase a stone with this flaw. Therefore, make sure you request videos of the stone in different lighting to avoid any mistakes!