31st August 2021

Unique Wedding Rings for Unconventional Couples

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When most people think wedding rings, their minds go to a plain precious metal band or perhaps a diamond eternity ring. We love the classics, don’t get me wrong, but if classic means boring in your book then why not cast your sights on one of these unique wedding rings?

There are so many options to spice up a wedding band without going OTT, including lots of traditional techniques that jewellers have been using for hundreds of years.

Here is a run down of five of the coolest unique wedding rings in our collection to hopefully give you some out of the box inspiration.

Diamond Cut Designs

Diamond cutting is a state of the art technique which allows jewellers to cut really precise patterns into wedding bands. The world is your oyster with diamond cutting as it really can produce any finish you can dream of.

Amo finish unique wedding rings
Amo finish wedding ring.

We love this Amo finish wedding ring, pictured here in 9k white gold. The diamond cut slices are set out in a feathery design which catches the light from every possible angle. This ring gives off some serious sparkle without a single diamond in sight. The Amo finish is available on a variety of widths and profiles of ring so you can fully customise it to your own taste.

Moving Block Rings

For those looking for a contemporary design, look no further than these chic architectural rings. The block is movable making these unique wedding rings really tactile on the hand. You can even customise the mixture of metals in your ring so it can match your current jewellery collection perfectly.

Double ring with rose gold block
Double ring with rose gold block.

With a statement ring like this double band block ring, you may decide you don’t need an engagement ring at all.

Hand Engraved Rings

If you are still after tradition but with a unique edge, look no further than our range of exquisitely hand-engraved rings.

Hand engraved unique wedding rings
5mm hand engraved wedding ring with millgrained borders.

Hand engraving is such a complex skill that very few people are still able to do it. This ring pictured above features a scroll and leaf design painstakingly engraved by hand. The masterful engraver then finishes the piece with a crisp millgrain border. Wearing this ring is like wearing a work of art, and a piece of history.

Celtic Wedding Bands

Celtic knots symbolise eternity because of heir weaving patterns that feature no end and no beginning. They are perfect to express the sentiment of a wedding band. Celtic rings express a different kind of tradition to the normal wedding ring as their history goes back so much further.

Celtic unique wedding rings
18k gold wedding ring with Celtic design.

This ring is unique because the Celtic pattern is carved through the entire depth of the ring. The metal itself appears to be braided around the finger.

Laser Engraved Rings

Laser engraving is another state of the art technique that has revolutionised jewellery design. This is because the crisp precision of the laser means that anything can be engraved, even things with extremely fine details. This kind of engraving can be applied to almost any item of jewellery, provided the item is not flammable.

Diamond set laser engraved celestial unique wedding rings
Celestial ring with laser engraved constellations and diamonds.

The possibilities are endless with the laser. Indeed, it can be used to create subtle designs like the celestial ring pictured above, or to alter the entire appearance of a ring. The contours of laser engraving really pop when thy are oxidised to blacken them.

For a wedding ring truly unique to you why not contact our bespoke team to make your dreams a reality. We love building someone’s dream ring from scratch, and the possibilities really are endless.