29th July 2021

Let Them Eat…Something? Wedding Cake Alternatives for the Modern Bride

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Wedding Cake Alternatives?

We know that when someone mentions wedding cake alternatives it can seem strange. There is something so quintessential about a white tiered fruit cake smoothed with royal icing, that it really it as iconic to a wedding as a white dress.

The actual tradition of wedding cakes has roots in Ancient Rome. Back then wedding ceremonies ended with a scone-like cake which was broken over the bride’s head for luck and fertility.

In medieval England, the tradition of stacking scones and cakes as high as possible at wedding feasts paved the way for the tiered confections we see today.

The 15th and 16th centuries saw the rise of the bridal pie for weddings, while the 17th century introduced the first wedding cakes which consisted of two crusts sandwiching currants and sugar.

It wasn’t until the introduction of refined sugar in the 18th century that we started to see tiered, sweet wedding cakes akin to those we remember from our parents’ wedding photos.

In the 2000s social media became queen and as a result of this we moved on from fruit cakes. The naked cake reigned supreme as the preferred centre piece for Pinterest-worthy barn and mason jar affairs.

But what can we look forward to for this new decade? Due to a wealth of ideas and fun small businesses modern brides literally have the world at their fingertips for original and delightful wedding dessert ideas. Eschewing the white cake doesn’t have to mean losing the visual impact of the centrepiece either, as many modern options are much more geared towards being tasty and visually appealing.

So what are our tips for shaking up your dessert offering at your wedding? Keep scrolling to find out!

Naked wedding cake with berries

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Dessert Tables

Dessert tables are the ultimate in chic, customisable wedding cake alternatives. Not only can you coordinate you dessert table to your theme and colour scheme, you can ensure that everyone special to you is represented on the table. Why not make it sentimental and include your loved ones favourite desserts?

Dessert table wedding cake alternatives

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Dessert tables are also perfect for sophisticated affairs because they include bite sized desserts that people can pick up and eat in one mouthful, avoiding the mess of hundreds of slices of cake on plates.

If you are still set on “cutting the cake”, why not include a “cake top” on your dessert table which you can slice together and freeze for your first anniversary? It is truly the best of both worlds.

We love this for large weddings as it cuts out the timely task of cutting and serving the cake. This set up would be at home in any venue as it can be adapted to fit your theme.

Cheese Plate, but Make it Bridal

Maybe a sweet tooth isn’t your thing. Perhaps your dream dessert is a stunning charcuterie board. Level up your cheese plate (literally) by opting for a stack of fine cheeses in lieu of a cake. This has the beauty of patisserie but also hits that savoury spot.

Cheese stack wedding cake alternatives

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Cheese stacks can be decorated with fresh fruits and herbs and presented to your guests with a fine array of crackers and chutneys for a truly unique wedding dessert experience.

We love this for a garden party wedding in a rustic setting, with plenty of local foliage as decoration.

Doughnut Walls

Lots of couples are opting to have a more interactive dining experience at their wedding, and doughnut walls are a great example of this.

Doughnut wall wedding cake alternatives

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First of all, who doesn’t love a delicious doughnut! There are so many flavours and toppings to choose from for both visual and flavour appeal so you can guarantee there will be something for everyone.

These also make ideal Instagram backdrops for your guests and a fantastic prop for wedding photos so they work out pretty cost effective.

We love this for a casual wedding either at home or in a laid back setting. This is easy to assemble yourself so is a perfect DIY!

Global Traditions

Wedding cake alternatives can get quite Avant Garde, but you don’t have to throw out all traditions to achieve originality. We love the idea of utilising traditions from other countries to make your celebration sparkle!

Consider the French croquembouche, a stack of choux buns filled with crème patisserie and held together with sugar work. Often served at weddings, baptisms and communions in Italy and France, these make a striking alternative to a wedding cake.

Croquembouche wedding cake alternatives

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We love this idea for a winter wedding with plenty of fairy lights to twinkle against the spun sugar!

Traditions exist for a reason, so it is okay if your dream is for a white tiered cake. You may have always dreamed of getting the perfect shot of you and your partner cutting into a traditional cake. But the reality is that of all the weddings I have attended, I cannot remember the cake from any of them! So why not shake things up and give these wedding cake alternatives a try.