30th May 2018

Wedding Day Bride Essentials: 10 Items You Should Pack

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Every bride should pack a bag of essential items to take with them for their big day preparations and beauty regime in the morning. These items can also come in handy if you are faced with a small bridal emergency during the day.

Being prepared ahead of time for small set backs that could happen on the day will ease your stress and make you feel beautiful no matter what! Here are ten items we suggest packing in your over-night bag…because noone is perfect.


Bobby Pins – These will come in handy for holding up loose pieces of hair that may fall out throughout the day. It’s best to get a package of ones that will match your hair color so they can be unnoticeable.

Strong Hairspray – Another great way to keep your hair intact on your wedding day, is to purchase an extra-strong hold hairspray. The best is the kind that won’t leave your hair feeling crunchy or looking greasy for photographs. Try a few ahead of time to ensure this won’t happen or ask your hairstylist for recommendations.

Small Sewing Kit – Accidents happen all the time, even on your wedding day. If you rip the seam in your dress when you’re putting it on, don’t freak out! Pack a small sewing kit with you so that a fellow bridesmaid or one of your guests can help you fix it and have you walking down the aisle quickly.

Undergarments – Having the right undergarments can make a big difference in your level of comfort for the day. A proper-fitting and comfortable strapless bra, as well as Spanx, can help assist you with the fit of the dress. These items can also keep everything in its place so you won’t have to worry when you’re dancing.

Stain Remover Stick – When you’re getting ready in the morning, there’s a good chance that you will be surrounded by mimosas, food, and/or hair and makeup products that could lead to a potential accident where something gets spilled on the dress. Deep breaths! A stain remover stick can save the day. Gently blot the area with it immediately for the best chance of it not being noticeable the rest of the day.

Wedding Ring- It’s a no brainer but you don’t want to leave for the wedding venue without your all important wedding ring tucked neatly away in it’s box ready for that magical moment! See our incredible variety of ladies wedding rings here.

Snacks/Water – With a busy day ahead of you, there’s a good chance that there won’t be much time for eating. Pack a few snacks in your bag such as granola bars or fruit to keep the hunger away. Water is helpful to have also because it’s important to stay hydrated all day, particularly if it’s a hot outdoor ceremony.

Concealer – Waking up with a blemish is a fear of most brides. A little bit of concealer will go a long way in this case. Purchase one that matches your skin tones well and has a little bit stronger of a coverage. This way it will stay on longer and won’t come off easily from sweat or tears.

Bejeweled Flip-Flops – Keeping a pair of decorative flip-flops close by will allow you to rest your feet should you need to walk any distance between venues and whilst dancing later in the night, you will also be able to wonder onto the grass for photographs without sinking in the mud.

Tissues – In the moments when you’re saying “I do” or when your father first meets you to walk you down the aisle, the tears might start to flow. Have your maid of honor hold on to a small package of tissues for you so that you’ll have one ready when the moment calls.